New report on U administration released

  • Article by: Jenna Ross , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 14, 2013 - 5:01 PM

Critics complained the administration has been “on a spending spree.”

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xcskierJun. 13, 13 7:25 PM

And what, exactly, are we waiting for from the Regents? Who, let us remember, are political appointees intended to represent all of the state's districts, and not necessarily technically qualified individuals.

jbpaperJun. 13, 13 8:05 PM

"University of Minnesota administration gets passing grades" ----- Is a D- still considered a passing grade?

teddygJun. 13, 13 8:56 PM

Way to go UofM! You're within the 'broad range' in terms of efficiency. Translation: not in the top half and probably in the bottom 3rd. How about aspiring to be among the best?

elmore1Jun. 13, 13 9:07 PM

What is most disturbing is the positive spin that the U is trying to put on this. They tripled tuition over a decade and recently received a huge taxpayer funded bailout to hold their tuition flat for 2 years. They hire consultants that tell them what they want to hear. They need top to bottom structural reform but refuse to step up and do anything. Mr Kaler and the Regents are real disappointing....

dtmonkeyboyJun. 13, 1310:10 PM

Let us also not forget that for the first time ever the state is no longer covering half the tuition. The percentage they cover has declined over the past 10 is now lower than any other year. You could argue it is because the U is inefficient...but then why are private colleges even more expensive?

gofurnuttJun. 13, 1310:14 PM

Let's DEWWWWW It !!!!

gilgamesh23Jun. 13, 1310:16 PM

elmore1: "a huge taxpayer funded bailout"? The University of Minnesota has seen state aid shrink by almost $150 million a year compared to five years ago. There are approximately 60,000 students. That's $2,500 per student that the University is no longer receiving from the state. How are they supposed to make that up? Fairy dust? And this is just a continuation of a longer term trend that is leaving some colleges within the University contemplating just giving up on state funding and going private. Take the Carlson School of Management, which now is down to receiving 3% of its total budget from the state. At some point, having to put up with bloodthirsty legislators and special committees just isn't worth it. I'm not going to be the first in line to defend everything the U does, but your characterization of any funding increase as a taxpayer-funded bailout is a complete lie.

gefferJun. 13, 1310:38 PM

I can not believe that the U could spend $495K on a study that finds that they are “within a broad range of responding peers,” and this only cost $495K? I guess if they are looking for things to cut maybe they should start with the Office of Planning and Analysis whose mission statement and strategic goals are: Mission:The Office of Planning and Analysis serves as a central point for authoritative institutional data and definitions; provides strategic planning and decision support for University leadership; performs environmental scanning, forecasting, predictive modeling, and sophisticated analysis; and ensures the integrity of institutional data. Additionally, the office provides internal and external measurement expertise and processing, and promotes continuous quality improvement. Strategic goals:Support evidence-based decision-making system-wide through data collection, analysis, and reporting. Support the implementation of next generational data collection, analysis, and reporting. Promote transparency and collaboration to enhance the analytic capacity of the university of Minnesota and its internal and external stakeholders Why do you need a department like that when you can buy your report for only $495K?

kenw1952wJun. 13, 1310:48 PM

$495,000 for a study to determine that the U is wasting money, hmmmmm, I could've told them that for a lot less. More importantly, what is the role of Mr. Kaler if not to be responsible for managing a budget, cutting fat and otherwise performing the duties of the man in charge?

jpcooperJun. 13, 1311:06 PM

gilgamesh, the U of Mn has 56K students but it also has 18K full time employees of those FT employees 3100 are professors. its a 20 to 1 professor ratio but a 1 to 3 ratio of Fulltime employees to students! Its unfathomable that you need 1 employee for every 3 students! that ratio is unsupportable! There is where the skyroketing costs are!


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