Ticks, mosquitoes and ants will swarm Minnesota's summer

  • Article by: Ashley Griffin and Paul Levy , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 12, 2013 - 6:10 AM

Ticks and mosquitoes return in full force after last year’s sharp decline.

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sorelosermanJun. 11, 13 8:56 PM

Why do people live here other than to keep it from returning to the wolves? In 11 days the days starting getting shorter, so those pesky ticks, flies and mosquitoes will soon be dead with the first frosts...but then you are back in a 6 month winter again. Enjoy Turkey towns 1 and 2!

boozlesJun. 11, 1310:09 PM

Be careful of the genetically engineered Lyme disease that is transferred to humans via ticks. Its a very debilitating disease that is hard to diagnose and even harder to treat.

CayshedJun. 11, 1310:43 PM

@soreloserman: Real Minnesotans wouldn't live anywhere else. Where, exactly, did you move here from? I wonder, does the state you moved here from have ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, fall colors, winter wonderlands, 11k+ lakes, a BWCA-type park, and/or Adrian Peterson like we do? Boo-yah!

BUDJun. 11, 1311:25 PM

I want to know how to get rid of box elder bugs! I have never ever seen them this bad. I house is fairly shady but they are all over, inside is the worst. This had never been a problem before. I can keep the mosquitoes away but those bugs are ALL over the house,shady or sunny.

Caius02Jun. 11, 1311:29 PM

Dog owners be wary. I have Frontline on my Bulldogge, and while the ticks wont bite her, they have been transporting on her into the house. I regularly check her for ticks and find them sitting under her short hair. I have also had 3 in the house, mostly around base boards. Just FYI.

wa0tdaJun. 12, 13 5:43 AM

We use Frontline and a heartworm pill the first of each month. We are also taking our dog in for grooming so his coat will be shorter and we can more easily spot ticks. The Japanese beetles ruined our apples last year; it will be interesting to see how they fare after a cold winter and with the wet spring.

dakmarknetJun. 12, 13 5:46 AM

Bud - Mix a solution of Dawn liquid dish soap (maybe 2 or 3 Tbls) and water in a spray bottle and spray them. They just fall off the house in sheets. Box elder bugs, as well as many other insects, have a thin protective coating on them and the soap disintegrates that coating, leaving them vulnurable and they will quickly die. They were all over my house years ago and after a few sprays, they were reduced by the hundreds. Won't completely eliminate them, but it realy helped.

sternitzkyJun. 12, 13 7:33 AM

Scratch, scratch, scratch, yep, I agree.

sooofedupJun. 12, 13 8:02 AM

Bud & dakmarknet: Bugg Slayer is the best for killing box elder bugs, along with many others. Doesn't just kill them on contact, but continues to work for weeks after on new ones as they emerge.

cabramsJun. 12, 13 8:05 AM

Supposedly, DEET does nothing to repel deer ticks. That requires the expensive and toxic permethrin which you can spray on clothes, but not on your skin.


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