Teacher unions undermine classroom achievement

  • Article by: Gary Marvin Davison
  • Updated: June 11, 2013 - 8:08 PM

Unions such as Education Minnesota represent the greatest barrier to improving teacher quality.

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drfranktJun. 11, 13 8:29 PM

An outstanding editorial that gets to the heart of the matter and exposes the truth of unions in general and the teachers union in particular (in this particular article). They are all about "protecting" the long term employee vs the best employee. Why, you ask? The long term employee makes more money and therefore pays a higher dues rate to the union.

JesusrulesJun. 11, 13 8:57 PM

Tell us the solution Mr. Davison. I looked up your blog and you seem to be doing some good teaching on a small scale. I think that work is part of the solution. However, after reading your counterpoint I must ask: Is discrediting teacher unions your proposed solution or do you have ideas to move public education forward?

Spiker1Jun. 11, 13 9:02 PM

Mr. Davison: you blame public school teachers for the failure of children of color, and children of poverty....I think you need to focus your attention to the families that those children come from....the vast majority of them, are 1 parent families, most likely the mother, with the fathers no where to be found. They have the attitude that they don't need to be educated because the government will take care of them. Parents do not hold their children accountable, but teacher and the schools are expected to hold them accountable. It doesn't work that way. I know of several incidents in which a school has attempted to hold a student accountable, and the parent comes in and blames the school, rather than holding their child accountable. Please provide hard data that Education Minnesota has colluded with the state. From the looks of your credentials, you may have an interest is public school failing......Funny that you bring up Michelle Rhee....she hasn't done much since leaving DC...except to earn high speaking fees.....Time to stop bashing teachers, and the teachers' unions....

wplettfanJun. 11, 13 9:12 PM

I would love to see one of those "real mathematicians" in front of a group of 8th graders who could not care less what the teacher knows.

cmo55Jun. 11, 13 9:24 PM

Did someone hack the Star Tribune website and allow this obvious parody to be printed? Seriously, this is the most important issue facing our society. Well written and to the point, Education Minnesota needs to abandon their present leadership and concentrate on empowering teachers to bring relevant programming to their classrooms. Get rid of teaching for the test, and teach for improving students individual acheivement. Dooher needs to go.

supervon2Jun. 11, 13 9:30 PM

My biggest complaint is the schools teach the children that Unions are good and Conservatives are bad. I can't begin to tell you the stuff my kids have brought back from the Roseville school district.

Spiker1Jun. 11, 13 9:52 PM

DrFrankt: Unions dues are NOT increased as a teacher makes more money.....a 20 year veteran pays the same dues as a 1st year teacher, so you might want to check your facts before you spout off about something you know nothing about....and cmo55, Tom Dooher is no longer the president of Education Minnesota, so again, people need to get their information correct, before spouting....

kilofoxJun. 11, 1310:14 PM

It seems if you are asking questions about education you are accused of bashing teachers. It's time for some competition in education. Just staying the same is not getting the job done. Let the children and their parents vote with their feet. Go where real progress is being made.

damag001Jun. 11, 1310:18 PM

Mr. Davison…wow! I have never heard of anyone bashing the thought of putting more resources into early childhood and all day Kindergarten. That statement alone reveals how misguided your philosophy is on education. Most of the issues that prevent schools from closing the achievement gap have nothing to do with teachers but poverty and all the baggage that comes with it. I'm a teacher and work with some of the toughest students in Mpls. schools. I see nothing but hard-working, passionate, and dedicated teachers fighting the good fight every day to see that their students get the best. I had a top-notch training program at UMD for my B.A. and worked dang hard for my Master's degree. I have 16 years of teaching under my belt too. I am thankful for the union which ensures my class sizes are reasonable, my working conditions are appropriate, and that future teachers step into our classrooms having studied (for years..not weeks) researched-based pedagogy and effective strategies for learning….. and not just for me but for the students and families I serve.

LakeliverJun. 11, 1310:20 PM

Tell me then, author of the article, why the best schools systems in the world such as Finland have teacher unions that make ours look anemic. This is another attempt at union busting by those who want 90% of the population to be poor and 10% to have even more than the 65% us of all American they already possess. The fact that this writer had no other ideas for improving education than making teachers poorer and less powerful is very telling.


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