B. Todd Jones: ATF 'in distress' when he took over as interim

  • Article by: ALICIA A. CALDWELL , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 11, 2013 - 4:35 PM

WASHINGTON — It was remarkable enough that President Barack Obama's choice to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives got a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Only one other nominee to lead the ATF has had a hearing, and none has been confirmed.

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EleanoreJun. 11, 1310:37 AM

Should be interesting, the questions as much as the answers. What does Newton have to do with this? Zero. How long since fast and furious and the murdered border patrol?

tooty123Jun. 11, 1310:42 AM

Senator Grassley hasn't been able to get his answers in SEVEN years! Does this have anything to do with the NRA who doesn't want a director for the ATF at all? This is a shame that they can stall appointments that long. But campaign funds, I guess, are more important.

jarlmnJun. 11, 1311:04 AM

Funny how the press always gotta insert the obligatory "after 26 people, including 20 children, were shot to death in Newtown, Conn." blurb in ANY article about firearms these days. But yeah, this candidate is the typical Obama/Chicago-style corrupt official. Between guys like him and Eric Holder, is it any wonder that gun owners have absolutely no trust? I hope the hearings grind him up and spit him out!

sharkysharkJun. 11, 1311:06 AM

If Obama wants him, he's the wrong guy for the job.

cartoonconnJun. 11, 1312:25 PM

This won't end well.

rudi86Jun. 11, 1312:48 PM

Management by intimidation, political favors, punishing whistle blowers, coverups, sleezy prosecutorial decisions based on political self interests, self grandizement, typical Obama operation - will fit right in.

gking2mnJun. 11, 13 1:38 PM

Come on people do your history the congress can extend any pending approval over 10 years. It has happened more than once. So he is employed to run the division and took down the shabbib network here in Minnesota which was larger than any other state in the country. So congress get a grip, stop wasting time some of you need to get questioned and removed. The guy didn't need to take the job he was good as can be in our headache funding and sending kids to kill people for some nut case. And the women who raised funding to do it. Amy is a tough lady and right our stupid congress always wants something for a common sense choice.

clayrexJun. 11, 13 3:32 PM

The election is over and GOP obstructionism needs to come to an end period. The minority party can not obstruct the will of the majority. The filibuster has been abused on a horrific scale by Mitch McConnell and the GOP in the Senate. The U.S. Senate needs to give President Obama's appointees and up or down vote with a simple majority. If Republicans do no not like Mr. B. Todd Jones needs to be confirmed as director of the ATF immediately in the Senate. The GOP keeps blocking qualified nominees to important agencies of the federal government such as the ATF for partisan reasons. The GOP needs to understand that things are going to change in the near future. The immigration bill will get a vote before the July 4th break. Then President Obama's three nominees to the DC circuit court will come up for a vote. All of these jurists are rated "highly qualified" by the BAR association. The Senate Majority leader has said "NO MORE" to GOP obstructionism. Watch the way Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid handles those three nominees for the DC circuit court. Democrats are in private FURIOUS over the GOP's continued obstruction of President Obama's judicial nominees. So the fate of the ATF nominee B. Todd Jones is closely tied to the changes in the filibuster rules in the Senate. If those three nominees to the DC circuit court are filibustered look for the nuclear option to be invoked in the Senate. Democrats will confirm President Obama's nominees in assembly line fashion thereafter. The GOP can go sit in a corner and suck their thumbs. Remember the 2012 election? Republicans lost and President Obama is going to get his nominees and agency appointees confirmed one way or another. Obstructionism is bad for our country and terrible for our democratic process.

ruphinaJun. 11, 13 4:29 PM

clayrex- the problem is B. Todd is NOT a qualified appointee. He is a pure political aggrandizer. while here, he has routinely refused to prosecute thugs on federal gun violations because they don't generate enough Headlines. Al Capone went down because Eliot Ness didn't care WHY he was put away, just that he was. B. Todd would still be trying to get him on a sensational murder trial. Plus, his video threatening anyone at ATF from whistleblowing is as chilling as it gets. The absolute prime example of the Peter Principle at work, to at least 5 promotions too far. Bill G.

endothermJun. 11, 13 4:31 PM

I can understand why politicians might want to block or hold up the nomination of Supreme Court Justices because these are life-time appointments with far-reaching consequences, but I think it is wasteful and ridiculous that Republicans are now blocking the appointment of temporary agency administrators. The President should get to select his own employees, and the Senate should give them an up or down vote. Forcing agencies to work without any leadership and long-term planning is political sabotage that just wastes time and money and puts the public in danger for no good reason.


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