Vacant Minneapolis house demolished despite effort by TV host

  • Article by: JANE FRIEDMANN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 8, 2013 - 6:33 PM

The claw of the yellow excavator tore bite after bite from the two-story Dutch Colonial at 3738 Dupont Av. N. The Minneapolis street on which the house had stood since 1907 was nearly empty of spectators as the building was methodically dismembered Thursday. By lunch time, only a pile of plaster, lath, and wood remained.

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boozlesJun. 8, 13 6:49 PM

Glad that tore it down. It was just bring down everyone else's property values.

svictoriaJun. 8, 13 7:15 PM

I wonder if people just like to brag they "bought" a house, when, in fact, they really can't afford the mortgage, repairs, or upkeep.

unclemushyJun. 8, 13 7:33 PM

Maybe a few more fines and assessments would have made the property more attractive to potential buyers. Seriously, the new owner failed to meet her obligation, but once the city decides to attack you are going to lose. Who would blame anyone for walking away.

SammyBoyJun. 8, 13 7:56 PM

So at what point is a warrant issued for the arrest Erik Laine, or at least a civil lawsuit to wipe him out? No wonder there are so many deadbeat landlords and slumlords around.

melvinJun. 9, 13 4:28 AM

All that expense adding up and not one of them was due to the fault of that building. IMO why didn't the city just confiscate it and sell it for a $1 to someone vetted who would renovate. All city fines...they can forgive that money. It wasn't theirs to begin with. Just punitive fines.

mistercmkJun. 9, 13 9:58 AM

Why would an arrest warranty be issued? Sounds to me like most of the people here only want to see their side of it when in reality there are two sides to every story.

OldYellarJun. 9, 1310:31 AM

I think Melvin had a good idea. With a little creativity I think the city could have incentivized the rehab into a win-win deal.

roscoeUJun. 9, 13 3:33 PM

Melvin/Oldyellar You must have missed the last paragraph. In the case of 3738 Dupont Av. N., a city inspector estimated that repairing the home would cost between $60,000 and $87,000 and the estimated market value of the property was $23,500 in 2013. Unless somebody supplied the Labor and Material for free it would only make sense to tear it down.

wildbill987Jun. 9, 13 7:34 PM

Since when have Minneapolis Inspector's (who on the whole, know very little about the cost side of inspections) reports become gosphel? It's so deja vue. In the late 80's-early 90's there was a mad dash to tear down as much of Phillips and Whittier as possible. What blows me away, is that so many of the senior city people are still there. Nameless in the articles. Getting their points made without attribution. Watch for this phrase. 'Just because it's old, doesn't mean it should stand'.

jskrenesJun. 10, 1312:10 AM

The city's rehab estimates are calculated based on what it would cost to pay prevailing union wages for every stage of work. Anyone doing their own work can cut those numbers at least in half for a more real-world estimate. Furthermore, the $23,000 market value is flat-out wrong, or misleading at best. That may be what the value was in its present condition (prior to demo), but there is absolutely no way that would have been the post-rehab market value. Homes of that size are going for at least $60-80,000 in that area and might pull down a lot more than that. Financially, this was a viable rehab that the private market could have taken care of if the fees were waived and the city weren't in such a hurry to tear things down.


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