Obama says Americans must 'make some choices' in balancing privacy rights against threats

  • Article by: LARA JAKES , Associated Press
  • Updated: June 8, 2013 - 3:11 AM
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evldedJun. 7, 13 8:44 AM

I'm starting to wonder who the bigger threat to America's freedom truly is...

scubadoo68Jun. 7, 13 9:02 AM

Why is Verizon recording the 'content' of our phone conversations in the first place? It is not need for billing purposes. What is need is more transparency. What kind of attacks have been prevented by doing this?

misterwittJun. 7, 13 9:24 AM

Mother should I trust the government?

countrygentJun. 7, 13 9:36 AM

Maybe we should re-visit the laws enacted by the President and Congress after the 9/11 attack. Maybe they need to be reviewed to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to do: protect America and Americans. Does anyone know what is in these laws? Can some of them be made public without harming their intent?

shuckJun. 7, 13 9:46 AM

"I'm a Verizon customer. I could care less if they're looking at my phone records. ... If you're not getting a call from a terrorist organization, you got nothing to worry about," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. -- And if you have nothing to hide you don't need to worry about having your house searched or at random document checks or pat-downs while walking down the street.

drichmnJun. 7, 13 9:53 AM

"Why is Verizon recording the 'content' of our phone conversations in the first place? " .... they aren't recording 'content'. This has been covered in many stories.

solarnowJun. 7, 13 9:53 AM

Before you bash Obama, let's review: Bush issued an executive order secretly approving warrantless wiretapping--that is, wiretapping without the required court order. Bush openly proclaimed that wiretapping required a court order, even as his administration was secretly disobeying the law. All the reporting so far suggests that the National Security Administration has obeyed the letter of the law under Obama. You might not like the law, but get your facts straight before criticizing Obama.

avejoeconJun. 7, 1310:13 AM

solarnow-----------Just to let you know, Bush hasn't been in office for 4.5 years. Obama is responsible for these records being confiscated from the phone companies. And, if I recall correctly, Obama promised to be the most transparent president ever. Yeah, RIGHT!@

threed61Jun. 7, 1311:12 AM

The same people who are screaming "Obama is taking away our liberty", will be screaming even louder "Obama didn't do enough to protect us", after the inevitable next terror attack.

wingophersJun. 7, 1312:21 PM

Give the President credit he is upholding his number one responsibility and that is keeping America and Americans safe. As a Democrat I am at time frustrated with the Obama team but in this case I will gladly give up some liberty for the knowledge that our Federal Government is doing its best to keep us safe from terrorists.


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