Minnesota economy surged in 2012

  • Article by: Adam Belz , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 7, 2013 - 6:06 AM

The state’s gross domestic product grew 3.5 percent in 2012, fifth-fastest pace in the nation.

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wplettfanJun. 6, 1310:44 PM

It's all positive news, and a Democratic Governor and Legislature to boot. Can't wait to see what the naysayers come up with.

pinky1933Jun. 6, 1310:45 PM

well, GOP, you can't argue with success!

erikj3Jun. 6, 1311:03 PM

The economy ALWAYS does better under those evil tax and spend Democrats. Makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind would vote Republican.

inlandseaJun. 6, 1311:11 PM

This can't be true! After all, the Republicans bray on about the poor business climate that exists in MN. This must be one of the liberal media conspiracies that has also found accomplices inside the Federal Reserve to spread such dastardly lies!

kraemer1Jun. 6, 1311:58 PM

A added fact here is that I have been reading that many of our friends that post on line(I assume mostly republicans) have so much love for Scott Walker and his abilities that I almost think they would kidnap him and claim him as MN's guy....Wisconsin's 2012 growth was 1.5%. How can that be???

goferfanzJun. 7, 1312:08 AM

So, the genius voters then turn it over to the Dems in 2013. Jobs already being lost in recent months, the stadium lies, and a DFL more interested in social issues than economic issues. The pain is coming, and we deserve it. The funny thing is the early posters seem oblivious as TO the party in power in 2012 :oD Wasnt 2011-2 the first time in 30 years Dems did NOT run the Senate? Oh well.........

garagewineJun. 7, 1312:13 AM

"It's all positive news, and a Democratic Governor and Legislature to boot. Can't wait to see what the naysayers come up with."---You do realize this is 2012 data, don't you? Before the most recent election? If I were one of those political types who gives credit for every bit of good news, earned or unearned, to members of my "team", I'd point out that this is more evidence of the benefits of divided government. But let's be honest, they had nothing to do with it.

klondikekidJun. 7, 1312:41 AM

Any hope for the masses that make up today's ardent DFL base are evaporating more quickly by the day. Are we loosing critical thinking and reading as much as it appears? First, the republicans held control of the House and Senate in 2012 so how some try to extrapolate that it was because of DFL policies that Minnesota's relative success is attributed too is beyond me. More to the point, I appreciate that at least the author of this report included the fact that Minnesota's agriculture exploded last year, which clearly helped the state's GDP. The top ten counties in Minnesota alone accounted for over $10 billion in activity just from the production/sale of cattle, hogs and crops. The spin-off from this is very dramatic and how anyone wants to try and attribute anything that transpired out of St. Paul to this curious. It has been assumed that there will be a pull back in crop prices this year as well as lower yields and there was a very recent slow down in some manufacturing data so do not be suprised if 2013 shows to be a little more modest with GDP growth. It is in 2014 that we should keep an eye on as the implications of the 2013 session will begin to be felt. If Minnesota's GDP by the end of 2014 is growing by 3.5%, then some of you can gloat. Pulling nearly $3 billion additional dollars out of the economy to fund Minnesota's state government probably won't help the cause.

europeanguyJun. 7, 13 1:01 AM

Yeah, I don't associate my self with any political party, and I think this news is BS.... how did they calculate the numbers? Has anyone seen the record number of industrial, and commercial building vacancies?.....

bootsy07Jun. 7, 13 4:21 AM

To evaluate the effects of the DFL free hand on taxing and budgets, clearly one has to wait until at least 2014 and beyond, as said only goes into effect this year.


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