Navy receives $2 billion attack sub USS Minnesota

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 6, 2013 - 9:26 PM

The USS Minnesota, the Navy’s newest attack submarine, was delivered Thursday to the military nearly 11 months ahead of schedule, the vessel’s builder announced.

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sn8wman1Jun. 6, 13 3:29 PM

Congratulations to H I I, the USN, the entire crew of USS Minnesota assigned to this marvelous vessel, & Jakob Bartels. Job well done! GodSpeed to you all! MS-PO2 Anderson [retired]

jarlmnJun. 6, 13 3:36 PM

The USS Minnesota is a submarine, eh. Fitting, in that we seem to be a quite damp and watery state of late.

DufferHJun. 6, 13 3:38 PM

Good article, but a photo of the logo would be nice. I'm sure one is available, probably in your own archives.

wildbill987Jun. 6, 13 4:07 PM

So Guv weeny liberal peacenik passed on an opportunity to accept the position of honor during that day. Here the US NAVY, who have fought the Brits twice, the Civil War, Mexican War, WWI WWII etc has chosen to honor one of her fifty states by bestowing the honor of naming a ship for Minnesota. To one of her modern capital ships would bare the name MINNESOTA. Guv Peacenik couldn't represent us, nor Senator Klobuchar, or Senator Franken. Dear Navy, take the name back. My Gov proves my state doesn't deserve it. Sorry no spell check or grammer check. Too pissed off.

luzhishenJun. 6, 13 4:33 PM

2 billion sucked into this ship for what? Patrolling the Caribbean? Fending off the North Korean navy? That's 2 billion up front, borrowed from abroad, no maintenance included. What a colossal waste - this just makes us weaker.

pjhawk95Jun. 6, 13 5:09 PM

Most of the DoD budget has turned into nothing more than a jobs program. This particular project did its mission by funneling 2 billion dollars into the Newport News Virginia workforce.

jtfoleyJun. 6, 13 5:32 PM

We could have done a lot of good things with $2 billion. No, it seems the military would rather push a big pile of steel around under the ocean for a few years. Too bad for us and the rest of the world.

edinawaterJun. 6, 13 5:43 PM

Hey luzhishen, North Korea threatened to nuke us a few months ago. ranks the North Korean navy as the second most powerful in the world, right behind their closest ally, China. Among the 700+ ships in the North Korean fleet are 70 submarines. The USS Minnesota will bring the US submarine fleet to 72.

hobie2Jun. 6, 13 6:21 PM

edinawater - better check your facts - North Korea doesn't even make the top ten - and they are a greenwater (shallow water) navy to boot... And The Chinese are number one and North Korea number 2?... That will surprise the nuclear fleets of the US and Russia, who have single ships with more firepower than the entire North Korean fleet - not to mention the other large navy countries

Steve99Jun. 6, 13 6:22 PM

Bravo Zulu. Navy vets know what that means. I am an ex-submariner. Those who think this boat has no mission don't have a clue what SSNs do.


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