Minneapolis parks rated best among nation's largest cities

  • Article by: LYDIA COUTRÉ
  • Updated: June 5, 2013 - 11:50 PM

Eat your heart out, No. 2 NYC. When it comes to park access, acreage and services, a land conservation nonprofit declared Minneapolis No. 1.

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kleindropperJun. 5, 1311:05 AM

A special thanks goes to the suburbs who have a huge amount of their taxes siphoned off through the state and county government as well as the Met Council to subsidize Minneapolis' extravagance.

stribologistJun. 5, 1311:26 AM

This is so true! I lived in Chicago and there are very few local parks, just the Loop, where you have to pay $15 to park, sit in traffic to get there, and then get run over by a million people once you finally arrive. In LA a friend and I once decided we needed a swim and walked from Silver Lake to downtown LA and did not see one park, just strip mall after strip mall for miles. Thank you to all of the wonderful stewards of our city that planned this beautiful place, and didn't let it just evolve as the free market dictated.

squeezemeJun. 5, 1311:43 AM

Minneapolis does have nice parks and the lakes are a treasure for all to enjoy (if not for the high crime in the area). However, Minneapolis' parks pale in comparison to St. Paul's Como Park with its free zoo and conservatory and small amusement park. Not to mention the acres of open land for picnics. Minneapolis has nothing to compare. Then we have Mounds Park in St. Paul with glorious views of downtown and the river valley. Again, Minneapolis has nothing to compare. When it comes to parks, St. Paul wins.

mwibachJun. 5, 1312:17 PM

However, squeezeme, St. Paul isn't a big city and therefore not included.

mwibachJun. 5, 1312:17 PM

St. Paul is more of a big small town.

rlwr51Jun. 5, 1312:24 PM

Thank you Theodore Wirth, Eloise Butler and all of the forward thinking founders of Minneapolis and their foresight to maintain protection of our park system.....Please everyone help us continue this fine system of parks by not electing real estate agents and property developers to the park board.

ritterjJun. 5, 1312:35 PM

Visitors to Mpls are quite amazed that most of the lakes in the city and the majority of the Mississippi are all public waterfront - that is the forethought of the city fathers who kept that land for public use rather than have it be the backyard of a bunch of mansions. The lakes and their parkays and public spaces are absolutely invaluable.

minimplsJun. 5, 1312:47 PM

Message to St. Paul: Minneapolis has Wirth Park, gold medal park, the entire riverfront with the stone arch bridge, etc., Minnehaha park (a huge park with huge spaces for picnics plus a restaurant called sea salt.....by the way, it also has a pretty famous waterfall), the sculpture garden (run by parks department), Minnehaha parkway which is a park that runs the entire length of the creek in Minneapolis........and a little something called the chain of lakes which include parkland around the entire perimeter, the lake harriet bandshell, etc. Yes, real lakes that are up to 90 ft. deep (harriet and Calhoun). You can swim in them and catch walleye, bass and very large tiger muskie. In addition, the trails are unmatched. St. paul has nothing like this.....nor does any other city. yes, you have a zoo. So does Duluth. Big deal.

tooty123Jun. 5, 1312:54 PM

I live in a suburb where the city and county are very proactive to parks and open space. Doesn't your suburb provide for parks and open space or is it just strip malls and parking? We don't have the number of beautiful lakes that Minneapolis enjoys, but it isn't very far to get there by light rail. Remember our taxes support suburbs, also. Why turn a positive into a negative? Just to complain.

woopdeedooJun. 5, 1312:56 PM

Excellent! This is one reason I moved here from the concrete jungle of big-city Texas. Everyone should feel a sense of pride about this.


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