Hennepin County wary of proposal to close 2 roads near new Vikings stadium

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 5, 2013 - 12:50 PM

A Minneapolis developer’s desire to permanently close two busy streets for a downtown green space has been smacked down by Hennepin County’s top engineer.

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oriyahJun. 5, 1312:05 AM

You've got to be kidding me. Permanently closing two major downtown streets to accomodate Vikings fans 8 times a year? What a joke this whole stadium deal is.

gwbuddyJun. 5, 1312:12 AM

All I can say to Ryan & Company is: GET REAL !!!!! When the "Safety" of the Public is "At Risk" of being "Compromised", then your company's plans are simply NOT WORKABLE. How difficult is it for you to UNDERSTAND that ???? You don't need to be a "Rocket Scientist" to figure out that Emergency Vehicles -- Ambulance, Fire, Police, etc. -- often use Portland Avenue, and Park Avenue, because they are MAIN through STREETS. Again, GET REAL !!!!!

staredJun. 5, 1312:14 AM

The City of Mpls has already messed up Park and Portland Avenues by taking one third of each for permanent bike routes for the half year they can safely be used for bikes and depriving motorized vehicles of the third lane for the entire year. It was originally going to make both streets two way after many many decades of one way traffic into and out of downtown.Quit making changes to help a small group of people.

minnlifeJun. 5, 1312:22 AM

This seems like an awful lot of complaining for having to detour one block.

zymurgyJun. 5, 13 1:13 AM

Do it. No one's asking for 10 city blocks or more, it's just a couple. Minneapolis could use the central park to make downtown look less dreary (especially once Noah's Modern Ark goes up).

DufferHJun. 5, 13 1:35 AM

OK, what's next? It's way past time for state officials, Rybak, the city council, the Vikings and Ryan to quit playing games with the public and tell us what they know and when they knew it. This has gone way beyond ridiculous. What is going to replace these two key roadways. This is making the '60s redevelopment fiasco look like a real success.

twincitizen1Jun. 5, 13 2:00 AM

Of course Hennepin County is trying to sink this project. It would force them to reevaluate the location of their jail, juvie, morgue, etc. all in a 2 block radius of this park. The blank walls and compound undesirable uses have been holding back Downtown East as much as the Dome or surface parking crater have. Furthermore, why are these segments of Park & Portland designated as County Roads anyways? South of I-94 I could understand, where the pair of one-ways function as a reliever to 35W. But in the downtown loop, north of I-94? Their argument just doesn't hold. If Minneapolis were proposing closing of 5th or Chicago or any other City-owned street, Hennepin County wouldn't be saying boo!

jimmywestoneJun. 5, 13 2:14 AM

one word: Tunnel

twincitizen1Jun. 5, 13 2:15 AM

The transit piece of the article and Hennepin County's protestation is partly inaccurate, and mostly inconsequential. First of all, the Route 3 does not touch these streets, it stays on 4th Street in both directions. Secondly, the Route 144 will be canceled when the Green Line begins service next year. The inbound express Route 94 will eventually use westbound 7th Street, rather than 4th as it does today, removing the need to 'cross-over' on Park, which it could just use Chicago anyways. The outbound express routes use 6th Street the whole way and wouldn't be affected. Methinks Hennepin County knows that the streets will be closed for the park (to the great benefit of Downtown East and the City as a whole) and they are just trying to leverage for some concessions on something...I'm sure we'll find out soon what it is that they want 'in return'. Or maybe Jim Grube is just a control freak and doesn't want to give up precious county control over short segments of Park and Portland that will have little consequence to the transportation system at large.

melvinJun. 5, 13 3:15 AM

Why not just tunnel the streets under the proposed park. It may cost more but in the long run it will pay off.


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