Legal dispute drags on as Golden Valley home falls into disrepair

  • Article by: Ben Johnson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 6, 2013 - 11:38 PM

Steven Dargi and his wife are seeking a massive payout from Golden Valley stemming from a 2007-08 construction project.

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ridgedbackJun. 5, 13 8:27 AM

Wow, I have been in this home and it has not been improved in 40 years. The improvements Dargi claims to have made is as "stealth" as Dargi claims to be, but Dargi is anything but stealth! His claims are bogus and his home was commended it is great to have him out of the community!

ColtSAA45Jun. 5, 13 3:05 PM

Mr Dargi is no stranger to litigation, just do a google search and you will see what a fraud this man is. See Dargi v. Terminix International Company and Dargi vs Kevin Brown and Genex Audio, now the city of Golden Valley. When I read his claim, “a $600,000 mixing console, 80 computers, 200 terabytes of solid state drive, Cat 6 Ethernet wiring and commercial-grade electrical wiring, all of which were ruined when his house shifted as a result of the landslide” its outlandish, let’s see the racks of 80 computers in that house, that must have cost a small fortune to cool let alone run all of those systems. In addition, The guy knowingly lives a few steps away from a creek which runs through his property that is well known to flood every spring and he supposedly has all that equipment in and sues the city because the soil shifts? disgusting.

PWTJun. 5, 13 4:00 PM

I have a strong suspicion that the two comments here making detrimental statements about this home owner are from Golden Valley city employees. No matter. The City of Golden Valley lost. We all have heard that it's impossible to fight city hall, but this guy did and he won! It's about time someone was able to prove that government entities do whatever they want and never have to be held responsible or accountable for their actions or negligence. More power to him!

optionJun. 6, 1310:00 AM

Actually, the professionals paid to provide expert evidence and to litigate this case did pretty well, too. It is a shame that a beautiful home would be left in such a condition. The people who have lost the most in all of this are the neighbors who have to look at this travesty everyday. I can't imagine living on this block and needing to sell my house right now - prospective buyers would be horrified.

wendyewolfJun. 6, 13 2:27 PM

Why must the above comments that are not favorable to Mr. Dargi be written by a City of Golden Valley employee? Most, if not all of the neighborhood, held hostage by this outrageous situation, are thoroughly disgusted. Under cover of near darkness, Mr. Dargi would come to the house and add more and more outrageous graffiti; what kind of neighbor does that? The city needs a better legal team to protect itself from serial litigators like Mr. Dargi and to make sure he doesn't get a penny more than that ugly house is worth in today's market.

foobarJun. 7, 13 6:42 AM

Mr. Dargi's claims are confusing. "200 terabytes of solid state drive" is beyond what anyone would ever use for storage on SSD; they'd have a hot-swappable RAID. Even assuming he did use SSD, any professional with that amount of storage would use enterprise-rated drives, and an enterprise SSD is about $1000 for 200 gigabytes -- which means $1,000,000 in storage media alone. Any professional spending a million dollars on a storage/backup solution would have it co-located in a data storage facility and not inside a house that's collapsing on an eroded hill.

mpls80210Jun. 7, 1310:54 AM

This sounds like a guy who had a legitimate claim against the city, and then tried to turn it into a gold mine. It also sounds like Zimmerman and whoever else represented Dargi saw only dollar signs. Why on earth would anyone run their accounts receivable up to half a million dollars on a project like this? That's irresponsible business. And why would a successful business person like Dargi locate such huge amounts of fancy electronics in an old house?

Izzy96Jun. 7, 1310:56 AM

As usual, the only winners in the case are the lawyers. Every other parties are financially demolished.

saneoneJun. 9, 13 4:11 PM

Although I cannot comment on the merits of the case, the prior court ruled that Citizens Independent Bank was an indispensable party. That means that the City of Golden Valley was required to sue the bank. It did not. When a judge rules, one ignores the ruling at their own peril.

saneoneJun. 9, 13 4:17 PM

Also, those who state "Mr. Dargi is no stranger to lawsuits" fail to recognize that one may sue when he or she has a colorable claim. Mr. Dargi had one with the city of Golden Valley. It appears, not unlike the police brutality case following the bank robbery a few years ago, that the city of Golden Valley tried to use its resources to stonewall Mr. Dargi.


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