Architects see Vikings stadium site as unique urban park

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 1, 2013 - 10:34 PM

Planners are hoping people will gather there even when the Minnesota Vikings aren’t playing.

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quinnerooJun. 1, 13 7:40 PM

"The intention, designers say, is to soften the impact of a massive building — nearly twice the size of the Metrodome — on the downtown skyline and make the area surrounding it"--------"I think it’s going to give a whole different feel to the stadium and really connect it to the neighborhoods." ...............As if that's going to mitigate that gigantic monstrosity! The way to connect the neighborhoods is to build housing and retail, like the residents wanted. A waste of money and a development blocker too.

freedubayJun. 1, 13 9:05 PM

I think i read this same stuff 32 years ago. How did that workout?

mncriticJun. 1, 13 9:23 PM

Boo hoo Quinneroo. Still plenty of space in the city for retail and housing. The metrodome was an upgrade 32 years ago, but needed to go. Your point is no different than comparing a TV from 2013 to one from 1981 (a new one then was the "best thing ever", but would be a joke today. .

DufferHJun. 1, 13 9:24 PM

I thought those $50,000 fountains and fiber-glass statues were going to turn the downtown around.

gwbuddyJun. 1, 13 9:26 PM

My guess is that Tickets to the Viking's games, and other Events too, will be very "Pricey" and might even PREVENT people from filling the stadium. It remains to be seen whether, or not, the envisioned apartments, office buildings, etc. are even "Affordable". That is a big factor in attracting tenants for rental properties. This is all a huge gamble, and I hope that things work out as planned. But remember, things didn't work out as planned around the Metrodome when that was built 30 years ago. My question is: "What has changed to make the planners think that things will work out this time around?" Maybe the City of Minneapolis, and State of Minnesota, will offer "Subsidies" to Residents, and Businesses, to re-locate around the new Viking's stadium? Hmmm.

jessy03Jun. 1, 13 9:29 PM

I don't know why people would gather there unless it was closer to the core of downtown or population center downtown. It's on the perimeter of downtown - I don't see that happening unless there is some real, compelling attraction at the site aside from a game.

du1152Jun. 1, 13 9:31 PM

I think they should take some of that money and buy a good team to play in it!

quinnerooJun. 1, 13 9:48 PM

"The metrodome was an upgrade 32 years ago, but needed to go." ..................NO it wasn't! It didn't upgrade anything AND held back natural development. Would you live next to either one, mncritic? Thought not. The new stadium will do the same as the Dome, only cost us 25 times as much. Why do you think they are throwing in forced development, aka Block E? I'll say it again....boondoggle.

wojt0013Jun. 1, 1310:11 PM

What's there to attract people when there's not events? Am i missing something here?

davehougJun. 1, 1310:18 PM

Who can spend your money wiser, you or government :(


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