Football greats fight NFL with millions at stake

  • Article by: Mike Kaszuba , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 1, 2013 - 11:56 PM

Minnesota super lawyer Michael Ciresi successfully took on Big Tobacco and is now looking to slay another giant: the NFL.

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quinnerooJun. 1, 13 7:45 PM

Frankly, I'm fed up with the NFL model of intimidation and threats to get their facilities subsidized. This lawsuit and the impending head injury litigation is not going to make them any more popular. It's time this greedy industry gets a lesson.

guth54Jun. 1, 13 8:36 PM

Whaa Whaa Whaa...I made $25 million per year and now I'm broke. Somebody better take care of me. Whaa Whaa Whaa!

marsbonfireJun. 1, 13 9:49 PM

guth54Jun. 1, 13 8:36 PM Whaa Whaa Whaa...I made $25 million per year and now I'm broke. Somebody better take care of me. Whaa Whaa Whaa!___________You have no idea what you're talking about. Thinking that all of these players made 25 million a year isn't even close to reality. The NFL profits by using those images and the players deserve to be compensated fairly for them. A lot of former NFL players suffer from debilitating injuries sustained from their years of playing, especially players from the 60's and 70's.

gofurnuttJun. 1, 13 9:52 PM

It's Not Enough !!!! Especially for all of those players that played before the "Gold Rush" Income years When the salaries have just Been Obscene compared to even 20 Years ago, Let alone 50 years ago....

rms316Jun. 1, 1310:00 PM

Those great players that helped build the game should be well compensated. This is a brutal sport where 1 hit can ruin you for life. I hope the NFL loses on this one and gets taught a big time lesson.

waterdogzJun. 1, 1310:07 PM

Darrell Thompson, former "Green Bay star." That's funny. No offense to Darrell, he was good enough to play in the NFL, but star? I don't think so.

melonicityJun. 1, 1310:08 PM

i have a problem with someone making money off me who isnt me... next he can go after dana white.

comradeJun. 1, 1311:15 PM

Normally I would not take the side of a lawyer like Ciresi but the NFL is a money machine and they are offering nothing. It may sound like a lot but 50 million out of a yearly gross on 9.5 Billion is a joke. They used these players up and continue to want to make money they don't deserve off of them. And so what if Jim Brown endorsed it. That doesn't make it fair since he's no final authority on it anyway. Plus,it's a one time settlement that favors the NFL completely. $22 bucks a month? I agree with the players, that's almost an insult.

ruggedrickJun. 1, 1311:32 PM

Don't kid yourselves, folks....we will all be paying for it, no matter whoever wins. My money is on the lawyers.

thedanmanJun. 2, 13 6:55 AM

Really? I hope the lawyers win a boatload of money and as a result the NFL is no more. Either way, the NFL fans are the loser and when the NFL is financially inept, the folks who played the game on their own merit and free will, will get nothing more. If the NFL loses but continues, who pays those dollars? The city of Canton? Sad society we live in when those who are given the great opportunity to live a decent living via their athletic skill turn on that opportunity for future generations. Sure, many players don't get the big dollars, but you risk LIKELY injury and still make out better than countless others, most of whom are the type that support their supposed heros. What else would you expect out of Ciresi.


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