Minnesota justice, an old-school Republican, hits retirement age

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 1, 2013 - 4:49 PM

Last in a line? Justice Paul Anderson reflects on his career and on the changes we’ve seen.

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arspartzJun. 1, 13 5:51 PM

This is not old school republican -- this is populist progressive. It is not the role of government to PROVIDE anything.

pumiceJun. 1, 13 7:26 PM

What a wonderful tribute, Ms. Sturdevant! Here's my favorite passage: "[Harold] Stassen, [Luther] Youngdahl, [Elmer L.] Andersen, [Harold] LeVander, [Dave] Durenberger, [Wheelock] Whitney, [George and Sally] Pillsbury, [Arne] Carlson — and Justice Paul Anderson. That’s Harold’s Line.... [G]overnment has a very definite role to provide the maximum opportunity for the maximum number of people to achieve happiness. You want a civil society populated by happy people, and government has a definite role in making that happen. It’s public safety, infrastructure, communication, education — and I would argue health care fits into that.... Foremost on the list of government’s duties is the cause to which Anderson has devoted himself through 21 years on Minnesota’s appellate bench — equal justice under the law."

Is it too much to hope that these progressive (and patriotic) Republicans can lead today's GOP out of the wilderness to work for the common good with progressives from the other side of the political spectrum and make Minnesota all that it can be--a civil society populated by citizens with maximum opportunity to achieve happiness?

arspartzJun. 2, 13 1:07 AM

Oh, I see, you mean MINNESOTA old school IR. Back from the days when one party was left of center (Independent Republican) and the other was the radical left (Democrat). Only in MN would any of the people mentioned be considered Republicans.

lawstarJun. 2, 13 8:08 AM

When Justice Anderson first stuffed envelopes the federal deficit was not 17 trillion.

chuckdancerJun. 2, 13 9:56 AM

Thank you Justice Anderson for your proud service to Minnesota.

checkfactsJun. 2, 1312:30 PM

Paul Anderson always took his role as a robed Justice very seriously. When he put on his robe, he became a non-partisan intellectual interpreter of the Constitution and the law as it favors the people who must live within it, regardless of any outside influence. Justice Anderson had impacts far beyond those mentioned in the article. Well-placed on the Minnesota Supreme Court, the legal system will miss this jurist of the highest commitment, intelligence and ethics.

scrutineerJun. 4, 13 2:25 PM

To prove she is not engaged in a partisan attack on the GOP's alleged slide into a radical posture, Lori's next column will be a feature on the "last true Democrat", one of the old-school guys who disappeared from Democratic Party life maybe 20-30 years ago. (Right now she is scouring nursing homes around the state to find him.) You know who I'm talking about: a Dem who is pro-life, anti-affirmative action, would laugh at "gay marriage", is pro-restrictions-on-pornography, and is generally conservative on social issues, and whose liberal outlook on economics was pretty much limited to higher taxes on the wealthy (but who defined wealthy as someone who was really wealthy, not merely a member of the middle class). The kind who either secretly voted for Nixon and Reagan or held his nose and voted for McGovern or Carter. The kind who would shake his head at the radical mess the Democrats have become today, with their interchangeable view of gender and their campus thought police, and with their rigid political correctness in general.

Can't wait to read the story of one old-school Democrat's disillusionment as to what has happened to his once-normal but now over-the-edge party, Lori. Let's see it in print soon. Before he dies of old age, his story must be told.

scrutineerJun. 7, 1311:50 AM

Four votes against? None for? So people really think the Democratic Party wasn't taken over years ago by the hippies, counterculture gurus, and SDS types from the 1960s? Harry Truman and JFK would find no welcome in today's Democratic Party.

I look forward to that companion piece, Lori. But hurry. The "Last Democrat" is likely nearing 90.

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