Dinkytown is imperiled by redevelopment plan

  • Article by: Matt Hawbaker
  • Updated: June 2, 2013 - 5:50 PM

Wayward redevelopment threatens the character of this eclectic district near the U (and later, one near you).

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mnpls123Jun. 2, 13 6:53 PM

"Destruction", "imperiled", and "illegal". How about fixing up a dump or improvements to a run down area. If you don't like it, buy the property from the owners and you can do what you want with the land. I have a lot of memories of dinkytown from when I lived in the area. I'm sure I will make new memories with the improved buildings, as my memories are about the people and the events and not some old buildings.

cjohnstonJun. 2, 13 6:56 PM

Too late. The wrecking ball comes in less than 30 days.Unique businesses will be gone.The Podium, sale and repair of high-end acoustic guitars is going out of business and will not relocate. The culture, ambiance, uniqueness of Dinkytown will disappear. DAMN shame. And for what? A development that may not make it in the end? Gutless council.

twincitizen1Jun. 2, 13 7:09 PM

How much does the current building pay in property taxes? How much will the future building pay in property taxes? If that isn't enough, the new building will also replace a giant ugly surface parking lot that is a blight to the entire neighborhood and replace it with underground parking. The building being torn down is not historic or significant anyways...it's from the 1950s. This is not about 'character', this is about a few whiners who never want anything to change, ever, and aren't willing to put their money where their mouths (or keyboards, in this case) are.

jdlellis1Jun. 2, 13 8:22 PM

Pardon my frankness but compared to similar areas around just the Big Ten schools, Dinkytown is sub-par and that's being kind. Yes, it has history but in terms of a place for students, parents and visitors to congregate, the history is all it has. Too congested, not good walking space(s), parking is a nightmare. Then of course there's the traffic nightmares. Again, sorry to those who will be offended.

patrick1171Jun. 2, 13 9:12 PM

This is a shame and another Uptown waiting to happen. This is one of the last places in the Twin Cities where street performers and musicians lend an urban blight. For those - like the poster who sited "the whiners who don't want anything to change" this is about character. Cities like New York and San Francisco have a lot of shiny buildings but they still have neighborhoods with independent businesses and charm. Keep the construction coming and close the indie businesses, and the Targets, Walmarts, and Sam's will follow. Alas money always wins.

okaybruceeJun. 2, 13 9:50 PM

What if we tore down or renovated the buildings and put the stores back in them? To be frank, the buildings are in rough shape and parking is a nightmare. It doesn't need to be completely razed and destroyed, but it does need a facelift and some structural work too.

minnlifeJun. 2, 1310:02 PM

The buildings in question have no historical significance and the land should be put to more productive uses. Do we really need to protect a parking lot as well?

raddmann99Jun. 2, 1310:09 PM

I've lived around dinkytown since 1973 and have seen many changes. I'm not that upset that some taller apartment buildings are going up in the area. We actually need more of that in minneapolis to increase the tax base. But to put up large apartments over places like Al's Breakfast goes too far and also removes an important parking lot. Some things should remain untouched.

unicorn4711Jun. 3, 1312:53 AM

I like the idea of six story buildings with businesses on the ground floor. Works in the rest of the world.

Diogenes9Jun. 3, 13 1:13 AM

Keep Dinkytown for Dinkys. Period.


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