Groups chafing at IRS tested political limits

  • Article by: NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and MICHAEL LUO , New York Times
  • Updated: May 26, 2013 - 10:26 PM

They participated in an array of political activities that could warrant closer IRS review.

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offmylawnMay. 26, 1310:48 PM

In other words, the scandal is that these groups got approval, not that they had to wait a few weeks for it.

averagejoe55May. 26, 1311:04 PM

These groups deserved the scrutiny. The IRS was only doing its job.

quitwhiningMay. 27, 1312:05 AM

After closer review, we're finding that the alleged "scandal" involving the IRS was caused by a bunch of conservative political operatives pressuring the "lamestream" media to tell us that the IRS was "mean" to investigate conservative groups. The media forget to tell us that the IRS was also "mean" toward liberal groups. Careful reading of the actual audit report shows that lower level IRS people were overwhelmed by how many applicant groups they had to review (thanks to the Supreme Court taking the limits off of corporate contributions in 2010). These employees were careless and sometimes stupid about how they decided which groups to more thoroughly review but they did not "target" just conservative groups. Less than a third of the groups they picked for review were labeled as conservative and, as this article confirms, many of those SHOULD have been more thoroughly reviewed. The real problem here is that we need to better define what is ok or not and then enforce it consistently. Either that or quit letting these groups be tax exempt and practice politics.

dogman_214May. 27, 1312:31 AM

My question would be was the Left held to the same scrutiny as the right. And was there a defined "level" by which they were judged. The fact that it wasn't mentioned makes me think it wasn't. What's more, this is only one of many 'questionable' matters which reflect on the President and the administration. Chicago politics doesn't translate very well on a large scale. He, Obama, has been caught. Stop trying to make it something it isn't.

stpauloldiesMay. 27, 1312:32 AM

"The IRS was only doing its job." --------------------------------------------------------------- Sure. Just like the democrat poll workers in Florida who were punching chads for Gore during the recount in 2000 were just doing their jobs too ....... which is commit fraud in any way you can to help democrats.

hobie2May. 27, 1312:50 AM

"In other words, the scandal is that these groups got approval"... The scandal is more like they did a preemptive strike to keep the IRS from doing its job so the groups could violate the law in the next campaign... what patriotic Americans those conservative groups are... It just makes me want to go out and vote for those law-abiding, constitutional upholding, American value promoting groups - yup - NOT for those cheating scheming whining groups of con-servatives.

ranger1873May. 27, 13 1:04 AM

All these people are guilty of is being "politically active while conservative". Abuse of power is abuse of power. And since we still haven't seen leftist political groups who underwent anywhere near the same level of scrutiny, honest people will call this abuse of power. You could take the articles of impeachment for Richard Nixon's use of the IRS and substitute them word for word with what the Obama Administration is doing and you wouldn't miss a beat. Nixon at least had the decency to resign before he was impeached.

sek2undrstndMay. 27, 13 1:12 AM

Chalk this fiasco up to the Citizens United decision.

ruphinaMay. 27, 13 2:08 AM

Then how do the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Soros backed groups not get the same scrutiny? Those groups were all formed SPECIFICALLY to defeat George Bush and other Republicans, and are fueled by millions of hours of labor donated by union members towards the Democratic Party. The problem is that donated money or time IS NOT income and should have NOTHING to do with the IRS. As far as anonymous donors go, why not? Our country was FOUNDED by the anonymous writings to inspire and convince the people. The ONLY political speech that should be regulated and outlawed is when tax dollars are used to pay for it. There should be no such thing as a, and any money gifted to anybody should be free of tax as it is NOT earned income, it is a GIFT. Bill G.

Truckman182May. 27, 13 2:14 AM

Yet Obama's half brothers scam nonprofit was approved in record time. These puff pieces from the AP and Strib will not make this scandal go away. Intentionally intimidating one party via a all powerful government agency is wrong on so many levels.


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