Souhan: Look within for starting pitchers, or do without

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 25, 2013 - 11:30 PM

If a big-league team is willing to trade a starting pitcher in a business where the motto is ‘‘You can never have too much pitching,’’ there is something wrong with the guy.

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metaltesterMay. 25, 13 5:46 PM

Yep, gonna be a long couple of summers coming up Baseball wise. But the young kids coming through the minors give a great reason to be patient and hopeful. we shall see. 2015 should/better prove interesting

samihoustonMay. 25, 13 7:33 PM

That column was a waste of my time

cntrygntlmnMay. 25, 13 7:51 PM

Outbid 31 other teams? This isn't the NFL. Where'd the other two teams come from? AAA?

firefly70May. 25, 13 8:22 PM

Ah, but Jim, EVERYONE knows the real reason why Vance Worley struggled was because the "Twins Way" and the pitching coaches screwed him up. Everyone knows THAT. (yes, that was sarcasm). Same with Pelfrey. Despite Pelfrey having only TWO decent seasons out of the 5+ seasons he's had at the major league level, CLEARLY it was the Twins coaching staff that ruined him. Clearly.

DavidTengbomMay. 25, 13 8:40 PM

Ryan would have been better served to get another pitching prospect instead of Worley!!! 3 losing seasons now...How many more do we have to endure? You also have to blame the Pohlads for allowing some of our good players to leave!! i.e. Nathan and Cuddyer!!

twinsfanwy1May. 25, 13 9:39 PM

As I've stated before: Trevor May had better turn out to be a very good SP for the Twins. Otherwise, trading Revere for Worley, after already trading Span, and having no experienced CFers, or leadoff men, was a reckless, foolhardy trade. A better baseball move would have been to try to trade for James Shields. The guy is a gamer. A great curveball, good command and control, he's experienced and a proven winner.Imstead, Ryan pinched pennies and let KC swoop in and land Shields. Now he's anchoring a young Royals staff that seems to have found hope. So I don't buy the theory that there are no decent pitchers out there available for trade. But the Twins are locked into their ancient ways. The refusal to change their ways is the major reason we had this 10-game slide. Gardenhire/Andersoin and Ryan are the problem. Until they leave, this organization isn't going to win, or even becme competetive again.

sniggleMay. 26, 13 1:09 AM

Pitchers come here and usually aren't that good. They go somewhere else and they all of a sudden become better. Hmmmm, I wonder why? (Sarcasm)

bruisedupMay. 26, 13 7:46 AM

The fact that a pitcher like Worley had success somewhere else and isn't experiencing arm troubles now points to a need for coaching. The Twins pitching has suffered regardless of where the pitchers have come from. I don't think the pitching staff will get better by just looking within for pitchers any more than I think the coaching staff will get better by just going in that direction. New blood from outside sources will always offer fresh talent and fresh ideas. Something is wrong from within the Twins system of developing pitchers. It's very possible that a pitcher like Scott Diamond has become successful only because of what he learned from within the Atlanta Braves organization. It would be interesting to know what Diamond thinks of this idea of looking only within the Twins organization to find pitching talent for the Twins.

stlynnMay. 26, 13 9:24 AM

I agree with you, Jim. If they're available, then they are probably not pitchers that you are going to build around in the future. However, it also seems that the Twins are very unwilling to spend money to go after an established (good) starting pitcher. Perhaps that was true this year because they looked at the other pieces of the puzzle (offense and defense) and decided it was not worth the money for a pitcher when there were so many other holes. The infield was problematic and so was right field. I have said it many times, but I don't understand their loyalty to Parmalee.

samihoustonMay. 26, 13 9:42 AM

I understand the thumbs down, but my reason for the comment was in opposition to the comment: "If a big-league team is willing to trade a starting pitcher in a business where the motto is ‘‘You can never have too much pitching,’’ there is something wrong with the guy." How about Santana, Viola, Morris,Lohse, just to name a few of the pitchers that the Twins have gotten rid of. We have put some of the best pitchers on the trading block and I think other teams were damn lucky to get them.


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