The man behind successful gay marriage drive: Richard Carlbom

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  • Updated: May 25, 2013 - 3:24 PM
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kkjerMay. 25, 13 5:06 PM

There was only one Republican Senator with enough guts to back gay marriage. Brandon Peterson, from my district, and as a Republican, I couldn't be more happy with him. He has the common sense to go onto higher office. I also give Kiessel credit for his stance.

kd5757May. 25, 13 6:19 PM

"Frank Schubert, who ran the amendment campaign for Minnesota for Marriage, told MPR in an email: "His campaign won (barely) because he had vastly superior resources.""........Carlbom's campaign won because the issue he supported had the backing of a wide-range of people including business leaders, young voters, liberals, moderates, fiscal conservatives, religious leaders, etc. It was an issue whose time had come.

benleeMay. 25, 1311:06 PM

I stand corrected, make that $25 million.

BABloomMay. 25, 1311:16 PM

Minnesota United for All Families was successful not only because of the smart dedicated leadership of Mr Carlbom and so many others but because of their dedication to equality and justice for all. They were willing to ask their fellow Minnesotans for the resources they needed for the fight that demonstrated that love and commitment and to train folks to talk to their friends and neighbors about the importance of these issues. If you read the campaign reports you will see that Mr Schubert (from the losing campaign)was paid many times what Mr Carlbom earned which may explain why NOM had no resources for the legislative fight. With the law in place it is time to move on and let happy couples plan weddings; excited guests pick out toasters; and let Minnesota be a state that is improved by more love and commitment to family among its citizenry.

ikyabwaiMay. 26, 13 8:57 AM

One more victory for Freedom. One more loss for hate, bigotry and discrimination. The way it should be. Will the GOP ever learn right from wrong?

morenews0013May. 26, 13 9:30 AM

It was going to happen sooner or later. It all happened faster than I imagined, but the change was inevitable because it's a civil rights issue. I'm glad Mr. Carlbom ran a campaign that won it on the first round. Better to be on the front end of inevitable social change than to be dragged kicking and screaming into change after everyone else has made the transition. This change will come to Texas, Florida, & Alabama-type states, but will probably be forced by Supreme Court level interference. In this state we will be able to say we decided to move forward based on our own good judgement.

treetoad22May. 26, 1310:12 AM

ikyabwai: "Will the GOP ever learn right from wrong?" Will liberals ever learn that being the losing end of polls means that the majority of people don't agree with them? This is an example of right and wrong: 2+2=4 is right. 2+1=4 is wrong. The gay marriage issue isn't a math problem. Get off your soapbox.

freedom111May. 26, 1311:01 AM

Marriage should be taken out of goverment which mean no financial incentive to marry. Churches only should allow marriage.

audlindalMay. 26, 1311:52 AM

I'm sick of the losing side complaining about lack of $ resources. Their major collections were tax-deductible, and they had access to tens of thousands of church bulletins = free advertising with a totally deck-stacked tax free status.

jphaunMay. 29, 13 5:03 PM

Clearly the most important person was Archbishop Nienstedt. If he hadn't led the charge to adopt an unpopular constitutional amendment when a law was already on the books, the advocates for gay marriage would have never been as mobilized or motivated and the politicians would never have had the backbone to attempt it.

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