New Minnesota solar mandate law will give power companies a jolt

  • Article by: David Shaffer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 28, 2013 - 10:14 AM

Large solar arrays are likely to sprout in Minnesota after lawmakers required Xcel and other big utilities to get 1.5% of their power from the sun by 2020.

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leiftimberMay. 26, 13 6:43 PM

This will be obsolete in less than 5 years. Cold Fusion is happening.

davehougMay. 26, 13 7:37 PM

Every power bill should show the cost per watt from each source and the mandated goal set by the state. If folks knew mandates and costs all debates / tradeoffs could be made on solid facts.

benleeMay. 26, 13 8:38 PM

Ummm hummm, nice pay back to the subsidized solar green corps isn't it?

bosshogMay. 26, 13 8:45 PM

"If folks knew mandates and costs all debates / tradeoffs could be made on solid facts." -- what price do you put on premature deaths that coal power plants cause every year? what price do you put on lower IQ's from pregnant women and children consuming mercury laden fish in Minnesota from coal power plants?

bosshogMay. 26, 13 8:55 PM

" will trigger a rate increase of 3 to 5 percent" --- my power company raises rates that much just to cover bad investments they've made or "electricity usage is down therefore we have to increase rates".

sgtkomerMay. 26, 13 8:59 PM

wow could you scratch my back ill scratch yours be anymore obvious? When will people get over this solar craze? Over priced will little benefit, except to the solar industries who pocket the money dems give them so they can appease the tree huggers. Solar companies will fail its just a matter of when and how much tax payer money goes to try and keep them afloat.

bosshogMay. 26, 1310:11 PM

@sgtkomer - many businesses from all industries fail. The long time solar companies have been in business for 20+ years. So not sure where you think this is a "craze". Why don't you complain about the billions taxpayers have given to the fossil fuel industry who pocket the money the repubs give them?

bkjcjrMay. 26, 1310:45 PM

@bosshog - And those solar companies you are touting are in states with the highest electricity rates in the U.S., almost triple those of MN. Keep it up MN, and you will drive more and more business right out of the state. And just why is that only the customers of investor owned utilities get socked by this? Because rural electric customers will vote out the rural legislators if they get stuck with these costs.

bootsy07May. 27, 1312:01 AM

This is just nuts. And I just saw a ranking of the 5 worst states for business, and MN is now in there with CA, New York and Illinois. We're heading in a bad direction, and these stupid mandates - 25% energy from renewables by 2025? Bippity Boppity Boo!

brucelieMay. 27, 13 5:11 AM

Check out DFL cronies in Solar business


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