Minnesota Legislature and campaign implications

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 25, 2013 - 5:35 PM

Something both sides can and will campaign on.

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pdf123May. 25, 13 4:58 PM

Dream on, GOP. The people of this state know that gov't isn't free and someone had to fix the situation. The public has believed that the rich should pay more for years. The unionization vote won't cost votes, it affects few people, and the people it affects it helps, at least a little. The only vulnerability is the same-sex marriage, but I'm not sure the people who care enough to vote on that (against legislators who are for it) would vote for a DFLer anyway. It will mobilize the liberal base as well. Also, Dayton cemented his support among independent sportsmen with his veto of Kahn's attack on the Outdoor Heritage Council. Bud Grant and Bob Lessard with still be with Dayton. Game over.

my4centsMay. 25, 13 6:02 PM

I agree that the public has believed that the rich should pay more for years. Republicans can not run on the idea that the rich are being overtaxed - they ultimately need to run on the results of what the Democrats have passed. If the projected revenue gains materialize from both the increased income tax and the cigarette tax, then Republicans have nowhere to go. If, however, revenue doesn't increase as projected, because the rich and the smokers don't simply pony up the additional funds, then the Democrats will be voted out. The biggest problem for Republicans in 2014 is that the results of these bad policies won't yet be fully seen. Raising income taxes retroactively (to January 1) kind of eliminates the ability of many to avoid the higher tax for the current year.

ffedericoMay. 25, 13 7:54 PM

The DFL did not do what they said. They said they were only going to raise taxes on the top 2%. They raised taxes on everybody. They lied.

tomstromieMay. 26, 13 8:59 AM

One clarification - Minnesotans do no want to pay more taxes, they want someone else to pay more taxes. There's a big difference between the two.

albundy74May. 26, 13 9:18 AM

A DFL controlled state government was still to inept to raise the minimum rage from 5.25/hr. Rather, thy taxed and spent for stadiums, stadium improvements, forgiving more stadium loans, and otherwise provided hundreds of millions of dollars for billionaire welfare recipients. So much for the DFL representing the poor and middle class. At least the republicans don't pretend to care about the working poor.

bluedevil101May. 26, 13 9:34 AM

Minnesotans favor tax increases as long as they don't have to pay. The GOP opposition to the big bonding bill was encouraging, maybe they learned a bit from the 2012 elections where we tossed the liars out of power. If they can stand up and actually take a principled position in 2014 and actually mean it, there will be hope for the next election. I'm not sure they have learned or will stand on principle next round though.

getthefacts2May. 26, 1310:22 AM

Minnesota already has one of the worst environments for retirees. This will ensure more flight to lower tax states. Look at what is happening in California. Some will have to stay because their job/business can't move. (but will when they sell/retire). Others will move and not move back if even if rates are lowered later. For every 'rich' person that leaves, there will be alot of working homes that will need to make up the difference.

RossbergMay. 26, 1311:08 AM

Why would any minority member ever agree to serve on a majority-controlled conference committee? They would either be disregarded or used by the majority to falsely claim that a bill was drafted on a bipartisan basis. It's simply a self-serving act of disrespect and betrayal which should at a minimum result in the loss of seniority if not expulsion from the caucus. It sounds like party discipline is needed long before anyone starts thinking about the next election.

Mark27May. 26, 13 3:39 PM

Once again, not a word mentioned about the cigarette tax. If I was the GOP, my entire campaign in 2013 would be directed towards smokers who Dayton specifically told would not be seeing their taxes go up but instead just got the largest tax increase in American history. Republicans could pick off a huge chunk of otherwise DFL-leaning voters by making hay on this issue. But once again it's completely beneath Lori Sturdevant's radar. I see that finally today, the Strib's print edition did a too-late report on how terrorist groups are poised to smuggle cigarettes from North Dakota to Minnesota and make scores of thousands of dollars in fund-raising for terrorism with every vanload. This might have been useful information for us to have before the lawmakers signed on the bottom line, no?

PrivateMay. 27, 1312:13 AM

Smokers now have another reason to quit. Good for them.


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