Tea party storm largely contained within IRS but investigations just getting started

  • Article by: STEPHEN OHLEMACHER , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 23, 2013 - 2:34 AM
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patasticMay. 22, 13 9:53 AM

She has no right to plead the fifth amendment protection. A. She is a government employee and as such has a duty to respond to the citizens through their legislature. (See First amendment right to redress grievances) B. Testifying in front of a Congressional Committee is not a criminal case. Therefore, she is not being compelled to testify against herself in a criminal case. She is being compelled to testify as a federal employee. Either testify or resign.

dumbgopMay. 22, 1310:01 AM

If you did nothing wrong, why plead the 5th?

dumbgopMay. 22, 1310:02 AM

Congratulation on your promotion and raise! She is a perfect fit with team Obama. Lies, corruption, deceit, blame, diversion....... Disgusting; Top to bottom.

mike2636May. 22, 1310:07 AM

If you invoke your 5th Amendment rights (which is fine)and refuse to answer questions, you should not also be able to state you did not break any laws or do anything wrong. That remark should be stricken from the record since no evidence pro or con can be obtained. You should not be able to have your cake and eat it too.....

kimi08May. 22, 1310:13 AM

Sorry, that doesn't cut it. First of all, nobody believes you if you plea the 5th. Second of all, this investigation wrapped up 6 months before the presidential election. Even if there wasn't any laws broken, which I doubt, there was a major POLITICAL motivation. It's just rotten to the core...

ruphinaMay. 22, 1310:14 AM

Of course she nothing wrong. She did what every other federal employee does- everything possible to keep her job and benefits at the highest level possible.. That means working in every way possible, from union dues and volunteering for the socialists running the Democratic party wealth conservations schemes, to using official power to harass those with a different point of view. They don't need Obama to tell them to do it- they have been programmed to work for the proletariat's slave masters (elitist educrats posing as politicians) since kindergarten. Bill G.

ruphinaMay. 22, 1310:17 AM

She has the right to plead the fifth, but the court of public opinion will judge her a liar, and ANY government official who pleads the 5th in front of Congress should automatically be the center of a special investigation. The very act of pleading the 5th admits that there is at least the strong possibility of wrong-doing. Bill G.

markapMay. 22, 1310:19 AM

Lets review; the president's political enemies have been targeted by the IRS. Nobody did it. Nobody knows anything. Nobody is responsible. It was not politically motivated.

savagemanMay. 22, 1310:29 AM

She could be saying two different things. #1 I didn't do anything wrong, but I know who did. #2 I'm the person everything will lead to someday, but if I can stall long enough maybe this thing will blow over.

selfmadeMay. 22, 1310:30 AM

Just wait till the IRS pleads the fifth when they impose penalties on your Obamacare plan and won't explain them to you-seeing as they're the enforcement arm of it...What a terrible mess this is going to be...


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