Mall of America nets up to $250 million in tax breaks

  • Article by: JANET MOORE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 22, 2013 - 12:25 PM

Legislators OK tax breaks from a controversial funding source.

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tytonicMay. 21, 13 9:32 PM

perhaps ask Rep. Lenczewski about her 'quid pro quo" for supporting Mayo as she's getting the breaks in HER home district for HER pork barrel project. hollow apologies from a self-identified "pest" - but she got hers in the end. from the 18 May blog post on Mayo funding: "House Taxes Chairwoman Ann Lenczewski, a relentless critic of the earlier funding plan, apologized “for being such a pest” throughout negotiations."

sharkysharkMay. 21, 13 9:36 PM

Ann, you promised no more free money for MOA. It is time for the Bloomington homeowners to get some back from the Mall.

alansonMay. 21, 13 9:36 PM

The Mayo Clinic subsidy was roaring through the Legislature and MOA hopped on board. The Vikings in the end got a tax increase (much as it was promised they wouldn't). Do we really think that health care, retail and sports will be our economic salvation? Our real hope lies in the dozens and dozens of small to medium specialty manufacturing companies and their skilled and hard-working pluggers. But Minnesota is happy to tax them to pay for a few huge enterprises that profess to need subsidies to stay in business in the state.

supervon2May. 21, 13 9:51 PM

The original design was to have a convention center as part of the Mall to compete with McCormic Place in Chicago. But, the whiners in Minneapolis forced the State to knock that idea down and subsequently built a 3rd rate center in downtown Minninoplace.

garagewineMay. 21, 1310:20 PM

The DFL legislature is handing out tax breaks and other corporate welfare like Halloween candy.

mnfan06May. 21, 1310:59 PM

This DFL controlled government has no idea what they've just done to free market / commercial real estate development economics. Ann brought home the bacon, and we'll be paying the price for years to come. Seriously Minnesota, is this the only way legislators believe they can attract tourists / visitors? To a mall? Sad state of affairs these days in Minnesota.

mattaudioMay. 21, 1311:18 PM

When will we realize the parking is not public infrastructure? The state should NEVER be spending money for parking. Car storage is NOT a public good. To the contrary, it is the quintessential private good... it is excludable and rivalrous. And the private market will provide car storage services at equilibrium rates (whether we continue to expect it bundled with mall shopping experiences or if we wisely decide it's time to unbundle the cost to wind down indirect private party subsidies).

haybrnr23May. 21, 1311:54 PM

Using public funds for roads, sewer, water, roads and parking is exactly the role that government should fill in support of commerce. Using public funds to actually pay for the construction of the mall would be an obvious misuse of government funds, just as paying for construction of the Viking Stadium is.

hammersteinMay. 22, 1312:15 AM

Big picture, folks, big picture.

cwow11May. 22, 13 2:08 AM

Wait - as I understood it, we balked at funding the necessary *public* infrastructure (public roads and water lines - not private parking garages) for the Mayo Clinic, but it's ok for the Mall of America? So... world-renowned, cutting-edge hospital vs. another 8 Victoria's secrets crammed next to each other?


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