Minneapolis police chief's troubling lack of transparency

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  • Updated: May 22, 2013 - 10:25 AM

The public needed more timely answers from police chief on incident that left two young men dead.

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notforjoeighMay. 21, 13 7:55 PM

The chief gets an F on her first test. This is a no brainer. These two incidents should have been turned over to outside agencies for investigation.

rshacklefordMay. 21, 13 8:46 PM

(article quote): "The officer involved in the crash was "visibly shaken," according to the chief, and was not interviewed until five days later. And the cops in the basement had still not given their statements as of midday Tuesday — 11 days after the incident. ---- Handling negative publicity 101: delay, delay, delay until a lot of people have hopefully forgotten about what happened. The word combination of "internal investigation" is an oxymoron. If she were transparent, the dash cam videos from each of the vehicles misusing its lights and sirens to arrive 30 MINUTES LATE to an already "over and done incident" would be made public. The show Cops does it all the time! Or, is that only when the cops have not screwed-up? The department is going to need a whole new SWAT team after the "Andover Incident" and now this one. Transparency has quickly turned into a foggy translucence.

luxaeternaMay. 21, 13 8:46 PM

The emergency vehicle apparently ran a red light, leading to a fatal crash. Did they measure the driver's blood alcohol level and run a drug screen, or is that not common procedure in those kinds of cases?

hanssenMay. 21, 13 8:57 PM

"But it is especially critical for police to be forthcoming when citizens are killed or injured," says the writer of this editorial. Chief Harteau is being forthcoming, but it seems that society's need-for-instant-knowledge takes precedence over the need for proper investigative tactics and the due process for all those involved. And PS: the people truly entitled to this "forthcoming" information are the family members of those harmed or killed in these types of situations, and I am sure Chief Harteau is keeping them updated with any and all information as quickly as she can.

cmo55May. 21, 13 9:19 PM

I am sure she was the most qualified applicant for the job of Chief and other considerations were not involved ( wink, wink) when the Mayor promoted her. She is the Chief, she is new to the job and she may need time to adjust to her new situation. If our country can handle this phenomenon with an inexperienced President, the City of Minneapolis can handle a Chief learning on the job. Years from now, in hindsight; we may find out her learning experience turned her into a top performer.

william16May. 21, 1310:07 PM

Coming on the heels of the March report that the Mpls PD knowingly over-reported the city's rape statistics for years--apparently in a bid to garner add'l federal funding--Harteau's stated goal of "transparency" seems about as empty as that "hope and change" motto. The PD and city have too much to lose, from a liability standpoint, to objectively conduct their own investigation of this incident.

spas0004May. 21, 1310:29 PM

The biggest question here is why is police chasing a suspect for 90 minutes through the Uptown that is heavily populated. Most civilized countries have banned police pursuits exactly for what happened here - innocent person got killed. This was some kid that they would catch the next day somewhere on the streets of Mpls. But this police department(and other around the country) has very low civic awareness and unfortunately we are all paying for it.

jds275May. 21, 1310:47 PM

Allow the investigation to be completted. People screeam bloody murder here every time info is give and later found to be wrong. When the investigation is done, then it should all be made public. Also, some of you need to learn about the rules of due process for officer's involved in critcal incidents. Becasue it is the rule to give statements at a later time. Only a fool would think that a person drugged up on the medications i am sure is needed to treat BULLET WOUNDS could give a fair and proper statement. The other poster here had it right. Only the families involved have a right to be included in the investigation and findings of fact prior to it all being done. The media loves to endlesly hack away at the MPD. They wont touch anything Obama related or liberal related, but oh joy, lets hammer the cops. A cowards way!!

basrmaMay. 21, 1311:08 PM

So the no named editorial board is second guessing the police chief… Seems to me they could have saved themselves sometime by listening to the entire press conference she held last week and fully reading her press releases. The EB criticizes her for not releasing information but then states “It’s understood that police cannot reveal all the details of active investigations. Law enforcement cannot compromise their efforts to solve complex cases.” I ask what part of your sentences you not understand? You ask why it’s taken so long to take the officer’s statements. Again listen to the Chief’s entire press conference where she clearly stated why. I question your witnesses’ statements regarding the speed of the squad. What is their expertise in judging a vehicles speed? Did you ask if the speed they state they observed was when the squad was on the straight away or turning the corner? Have you ever tried to turn a corner at 40-50 miles an hour? Regarding your papers Saturday story – if your sources are so confident their information is 100 percent true they should be willing to identify themselves and explain how they had access to the information. And whether your need for a scoop and their premature release of information will jeopardize the cases?

DufferHMay. 22, 1312:07 AM

The editorial says: "The questions being raised in the Franklin case should not be interpreted as allegations that police did something wrong." That is complete balderdash. Call it watch you want, but that is exactly what you are doing with this screed.


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