Mpls. police say new North Side beat is part of summer strategy

  • Article by: Matt McKinney , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 21, 2013 - 9:02 PM

Minneapolis chief says 17 officers who are part of a new beat will get to know problem areas block by block.

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swmnguyMay. 21, 1312:25 PM

Yeah, the MPD certainly does need to build trust in Minneapolis, and on the North Side in particular.

I have an idea. How about officers have to live in the precincts where they work? That way they know exactly who is whom, what is and is not going on in their areas, and they gather this information 24/7/365, instead of driving in from the exurbs and spending as little time in the city as they can manage? They can do what they do when they're on the clock, but the keep learning the neighborhood when they're punched out; going to the grocery store, mailing some letters, getting gas, taking their kids to school; all the ways all the rest of us get to know our neighborhoods. The way small-town cops get to know what's going on around them.

Having 17 officers who know the neighborhoods block by block and house by house is better than 0, I suppose. But why not all of them? What's the point of having a Minneapolis Police Department if they don't know the area?

farcicalMay. 21, 13 1:02 PM

Swmnguy: great idea. Force everyone to work and live in the same place and remove any concept of time-on vs time-off. Make sure everyone's salaried to avoid the overtime issue as well. Plus, the added bonus of arresting your neighbor is sure to make life more interesting, if not fun for block parties and other gatherings. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

jds275May. 21, 13 2:08 PM

Swmnguy: You discredit yourself with every post you make. It is very evident that you do not like public servant employees nor have an ounce of respect for them. I see you have moved on for now from bashing the state pension plan for now. The residency program has been tried, and failed. A, the courts ruled against it, and B, it drove better hiring prospects away. C, would you want to sleep or raise a family in a small area where you arrest some of the worst criminals in Minnesota? The north side cops should be praised even more. They have no vested interest in the north side yet they come to work everyday and try to make life better for the good people there.

kunthoalMay. 21, 13 2:23 PM

17 Officers? what are the other 800 sworn in officers going to be doing?

Dares1May. 21, 13 3:14 PM

Most of the crime seems centered on the northside with a healty dose in south Minneapolis. Very little manpower is needed in SW Mpls or the western edges. I agree with Kunthoal, why only 17 officers up north?

swmnguyMay. 21, 13 5:33 PM

"jds275": I think you have me confused with somebody else. I don't think I've ever had an opinion on the state pension plan. If I ever commented on that topic, it would have been about some particular issue, but I don't recall it.

I like the Minneapolis cops. Every time I've dealt with them I've had a positive experience, and that goes back 30 years (and includes times when I was at fault, when I called them, and when I hired them to work Security).

I remember the issues you raise surrounding the residency issue. I still don't think it's such a bad idea. Look at a precinct map. There are only 5 precincts for the whole city. There are plenty of very nice neighborhoods in each precinct.

When the Chief of Police is coming up with programs to better connect police to the neighborhoods they serve, I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest perhaps the cops should live there. I know my neighborhood pretty well, and I'm not a cop. Care to guess how?

swmnguyMay. 21, 13 5:37 PM

"farcical": Lots of people live where they work. Even police officers. What does that have to do with overtime, or issues of time-on/time-off? Do you know your neighborhood? Would it help you if you were a police officer to have some personal knowledge of the area?

Maybe it's a bad idea. I know the Police Union doesn't like it. But when the Chief is having to come up with special programs to help the MPD get better-connected to the neighborhoods they serve, living in the area doesn't seem like that absurd a notion.

jbpaperMay. 21, 13 6:00 PM

kunthoal, Dares1; There will be 17 additional officers assigned to the area, not 17 total.

jbpaperMay. 21, 13 6:05 PM

swmnguy; I have to disagree with you on this. As "jds275" already mentioned, would you want to raise your family down the street from violent felon that you arrested? I know an officer that was a Mpls cop and lived out in the suburbs. After getting a job in the suburb he lived in, he moved to Mpls. He didn't want to live, and definitely didn't want his family to live, where he worked. There are a lot of people that don't like cops and that didn't have the pleasant experiences that you had with them.

statikMay. 21, 13 8:13 PM

There are a lot of really great areas in the Northside, and it is benefiting from the current trend of people moving back to cities/urban areas from suburbs and exurbs. Having some additional officers to reduce crime will help ensure that gentrification and not blight is spreading.


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