What's in, what's out as 2013 session closes

  • Article by: Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 21, 2013 - 12:27 AM

Income tax, cigarette tax increases are in, along with $585 million for Mayo/Rochester and all-day kindergarten. Minimum wage increase didn't happen, nor did legislators get a pay raise.

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mkuldaMay. 21, 1312:39 AM

The ill thought out and highly unfair $5 insurance surcharge to bail out police and fire pensions also did NOT make it. Instead they are paying for the bailout with money from the General Fund.

klondikekidMay. 21, 1312:49 AM

Let's review. Over a year ago Governor Dayton set out to solicit information and come up with a new "three legged" tax structure that would be the first significant tax structure overhaul in years. His party had no qualms about finding new revenue so when it was all said and done, arguablly two of the most vulnerable groupings of people in the state..."smokers" and "rich folk" bore the ENTIRE brunt of this year long quest. With great fanfare the Governor unveiled his proposal which was predicated on the expansion of the sales tax. It did not catch on but remember he was suggesting this in addition to the income tax increase. His fellow DFLers did nothing to quell their appetite to expand government spending yet could not conjure up anything that resembles a real transportation bill. They did however pass along the ability of counties to enact their own sale tax increases for "transportation funding" WITHOUT voter referendum approval needed. In effect, they are passing along in many cases a once assumed state responsibility back to the local units of government. The DFL controlled capitol ran through a hugely unpopular unionization effort which pits small business people to either accept state assistance for low income people (only if you join the union) or turning people away. The DFL came full circle in large part first oppossing the Vikings stadium (not the Governor) and uniformly stating that general funds would not be used one year ago to not only freeing up general expenditures but dipping into ANOTHER new pot of tax receipts from "corporations" and smokers. If you did not follow this session closely, take some time and really acclimate yourself with all of what took place. I found this grouping of ardent leftwingers representing themselves to be "voices of the public" to be so driven to push their agenda without consideration to negative impacts that I would be shocked to see them retain the privaledge of being in the majority after the next election. This fiasco will go down I believe as the worst legislative session in years.

walterwhiteMay. 21, 13 6:06 AM

Now Nicoderm patches will be as hard to find as ammunition.

rufflesMay. 21, 13 6:13 AM

Vote them out!

edinawaterMay. 21, 13 6:19 AM

I agree klondikekid, this session will be remembered as the worst in years. Specifically, the worst in two years! It is difficult to do worse than the legislature two years ago that spent all of their time pushing social agendas after getting elected on their promise to address budget issues. Perhaps it would have been better to say it was the second-worst legislative session in decades.

mohawk1953May. 21, 13 6:29 AM

If only they had more time, they would have gotten more done...

gopherfan51May. 21, 13 7:01 AM

mohawk1953, they had enough time. They just squandered it.

albundy74May. 21, 13 7:18 AM

Thank you 2012 Minnesota Republican Party for putting this DFL legislature into power.

fwallenMay. 21, 13 7:29 AM

They overplayed their hand. Now if Republicans can get beyond their recent history and nominate sensible fiscal conservatives they can re-balance the law making. For me the worst thing the legislature did was the AFSME sell out. I applaud any group of individuals who determine they like to unionize. But the legislature putting their hand on the scale makes my blood boil. It's a paynoff to the union for their campaign contributions. The AFSME sellout won't effect me in any way. But it does reaffirm my frustration with the current DFL ers.

mypcaccountMay. 21, 13 7:44 AM

it was bad but it could have been A LOT worse.


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