St. Paul's Lexington restaurant is being sold

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 21, 2013 - 10:04 AM

It’s unclear what new owners will do with plans to add a rooftop patio to the St. Paul landmark.

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koolioMay. 20, 1312:18 PM

I hope the new owners do a better job of running this restaurant - I was less than impressed on my last visit.

downtownfunMay. 20, 1312:38 PM

"worried about noise" the people in that neighborhood are not going to be happy until that street us a ghost town of places

greenis813May. 20, 1312:40 PM

This restaurant is such a landmark. I hope the new owners understand and respect its history and longevity and continue its legacy.

dmobrienMay. 20, 13 3:02 PM

Would you like to tell us who is buying the Lex? Foodies want to know.

raybeamMay. 20, 13 3:38 PM

I've seen stories play out like this before: a business wants to expand their use but it requires a permit so promises are made. Approval is given based on those promises. Soon after the business is sold and those promises are out the window. Fasten your seat belts neighbors!

rebelrebelMay. 20, 13 4:21 PM

I went there for Grand Ole Days two years ago, and IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD. I left a $.43 tip because you get what you give. The food was crap, I guess because they forgot about me and my girlfriend in our booth, and they didn't even apologize. It belongs in St. Paul. :-D

cyberpunkMay. 20, 13 5:51 PM

rebelrebel – As a longtime St. Paul resident, your comment made me laugh. If you want good service at a restaurant on Grand Ave. then Grand Ole Day is the one day of the year you absolutely DO NOT GO THERE. I used to live and work on Grand Ave. Grand Ole Day exists for a handful of bars that make a mint off the event and every other business tries to make the best of it, tolerates it, or just closes their doors for the day. The place I worked was in the last category. Our regular customers would stay away. Too many of the people who did come in were drunk, harassed the staff and weren’t going to buy anything anyway.

ziggymMay. 20, 13 6:11 PM

I'm with cyberpunk; I also am a longtime St. Paul resident who grew up two blocks from Grand Ave.- my family would usually leave town that weekend! I would later go with my friends for the food, but it is not a day to get good service at any restaurant. The Lex is a landmark- old fashioned, my grandparents loved the place, my elderly aunt and uncle still do. Not my scene; a rooftop patio would definitely bring in a little younger crowd and would be fun, but I can understand the controversy.

hittodeadMay. 20, 13 6:45 PM

The owners who are selling are amateurs--not restaurateurs, and it shows in many ways since they took over. Presumably the new owner will bring professional management.

tooty123May. 21, 13 1:31 AM

The Lex is a great restaurant. The interior decor needs some updating and a rooftop patio would be a great addition. The need to keep the Chicken Pot Pie on the menu and not make it into a Just-another-restaurant menu. Grand Old Days is not that Grand! If you want to drink and be loud walking down the street, then that is your day. The rest of the year it is a Grand Street!


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