Officer's split-second choice ended with Hofstra student, suspect dead after home-invasion

  • Article by: VERENA DOBNIK , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 20, 2013 - 1:51 AM
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createdequalMay. 19, 13 3:12 PM

This officer was concerned about his life only and not Andea Robello's. Why else would he need to hit the suspect seven times and take an unnessary last shot that also killed the innocent victim? Good police officers pay attention to training they receive on how to deal with situations involving hostages. Obviously, this guy skipped class.

spruce1May. 19, 13 3:30 PM

A lone officer firing eight shots in a hostage situation points to either a lack of training and/or inability to place shots where intended. These incidents are not new and protocol (SWAT/ negotiator/etc) is well established. Hindsight is 20/20 and his boss can trot out beneficial officer stats but this is clearly not a satisfactory outcome.

codger1016May. 19, 13 4:17 PM

Officers are trained to fire multiple shots. They are only supposed to fire when there is no other option, when there are lives at risk. They always fire to kill their intended target, and there is little room for error. I'm not going to put myself in the officer's place and decide whether it was a justifiable use of force, but I am sure this officer will regret what happened the rest of his life.

Joe BobMay. 19, 13 5:05 PM

Let this be a lesson to all of the would-be John Waynes who think they are going to save the day by putting one right between the eyes of the bad guy. This incident immediately reminded me of the incident in NYC in August 2012 where two police shot an armed man who had just murdered someone - and wounded NINE innocent bystanders in the process. If this is what happens when the police are involved, what is likely to happen with some amateur with a CCW permit and next to no training who tries to be a hero?

parn0015May. 19, 13 6:01 PM

When in doubt...shoot everyone. He'll probably get a medal for it.

realtruthsMay. 19, 13 6:03 PM

Once again a media coddling of an officer that made a mistake . We are all for LE stength and power against perps, but this story smells bad . Call a spade a spade .

pamdanMay. 19, 13 6:14 PM

createdequal - how do you know it was the last shot that killed the girl?

davehougMay. 19, 13 6:17 PM

Yes, multiple shots are needed. The other choice is to stop after each shot and see if the guy is still able to fire back :( Also as multiple shots are fired, both shooter and the poor girl he had in a headlock move and fall. A shot aimed at HIS chest, tragically hits her. All of this is on the choice of the bad guy, the good guy did what we ask him to do.

Spiker1May. 19, 13 6:24 PM

Why is no one saying anything about the fact the the LEO was there because some dirtbag, repeat offender, was in the act of committing a CRIME....You all can second guess, but the officer was there to do his job.....Lets blame the officer for doing his job, and not the dirtbag, repeat offender, that should not have been free to commit more crime.....

hungry4newsMay. 19, 13 6:50 PM

Do we know yet which of the 8 rounds hit the innocent victim?. LEO are trained to neutralize the perp. Generally one would fire 3-4 rounds and re-evaluate the situation. Because he fired 8 rounds (my Monday morning quearterbacking ) would think the victim was hit early on. At they point he wanted to get to her as fast as possible so he made sure the perp was incapacitated. If we find out out he fired 8 times without a pause and she was hit after round 4, I'm going to have to question his actions.


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