Somali reaction to al-Shabab sentences mixed

  • Article by: AMY FORLITI , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 19, 2013 - 2:42 PM
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tmauelMay. 19, 1311:04 AM

U.S. interference in the internal affairs of Somalia led to the starvation death of 250,000 people last year. So what is the response of our government. Imprison anyone suspected of aiding the opposition to thirty years of U.S. meddling in Somalia. And why is the U.S. interfering in Somalia? Control of vast reserves of light sweet crude.

workforit1May. 19, 1311:33 AM

@tmauel Please tell me where your statics come from? I am well versed in the politics of Somalia, and your numbers and story do not ring true. The U.S. should not be in any country, and none of your people should be coming here either. They don't add anything,they clearly don't want to be here based on their attitude and work ethic.

threed61May. 19, 1311:45 AM

Tmauel, overpopulation and lack of water and other resources while continuing to have more children than the land can support accounts for the starvation.

WHIMSEYMay. 19, 1312:09 PM

The truth of the matter is if you do like the law of the land you are currently in MOVE.

select1wMay. 19, 1312:13 PM

To tmauel...get a clue and know the facts of this case before you lecture the U.S. about their legal system. To suggest the U.S. is repsonsible for the atrocities in Somalia is ignorant. These immigrants came to our country and broke our laws...simple as that. The defendants were given their day in court, allowed to put forth their best defense and still were found guilty. They committed the crime and now it's time to do their time. Incidentally tmauel...instead of making unfounded and unsubstantiated claims about the U.S. coveting Somalia's oil why don't you write in again and make a case for why the U.S. doesn't have the right to enforce our laws in our country against anyone who chooses to come here and break them? I'm sure that would be a fun read for all of us.

tmauelMay. 19, 1312:19 PM

workforit1 There was an article at the libertarian site last week which detailed the interference by Washington that blocked any relief to those starving in Somalia due directly to the U.S. induced Somalia civil war. In Somalia, as in all the countries of the middle east with substantial oil reserves, the U.S. uses the excuse of al-Queada as the reason for our racist interference in their internal affairs. You have to read the truth about U.S. intervention at web sites not owned by corporate America to get to the truth of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East.

tmauelMay. 19, 1312:39 PM

threed61/ Before the U.S. started its policy of serial intervention in Somalia and installed an unpopular unelected regime Mogadishu was one of the most beautiful capitals in Africa and the world. The waters off Somalia were one of the richest fisheries on earth until U.S. and European corporations began using those costal waters as an illegal toxic waste dump. Repeated attempts by Somalia to address the dumping of toxic waste in their costal fisheries to the United Nations were ignored. When Somalia fishermen responded with force they were called pirates and hunted by U.S. and UN forces. Somalia is not a territory of the US and we have no business interfering in their internal affairs. And the same goes for Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Mali etc.

ak13741May. 19, 1312:49 PM

Don't forget that during the mid-1990's it was the Lutheran and Catholic churches supporting the immigration of Somalian refugees to the twin cities. Although their efforts were applauded as saving many from the terror within their country, it also opened the door to many of today's problems here and throughout the United States.

chemnpMay. 19, 1312:57 PM

These brainwashed children took their "inspiration" to return to Somalia from their relatives' hatred of Ethiopia. These two countries really don't like each other, and the fact that Ethiopian troops were in Somalia chafed the entire community to such an extent that some of the more impressionable children went to war against this "invasion."

It seems that the islam portion of al-shabab was the blah blah blah part of the argument to fight, while the hatred of Ethiopian troops was the real meat and potatoes. One of the kids that was forced to conduct a suicide bombing by al-shabab was apparently not particularly religious.

Also, African and Western aid is the only thing that prevented the famine from becoming much worse. al-shabab had no ability or inclination to help anyone but themselves.

pinky1933May. 19, 13 2:23 PM

workforit1, question: given your knowledge of Somalia, do you know where i can find the rate of Somali immigration to the state of MN over the past, say 10 years? also, what government entity(s) control the rate of immigration to MN and/or US? ICE? State Dept? MN Dept of Admin/Office of Demographics? Also, do you know if the rate of Somali immigration has risen/declined over the years? anyone? thanks!


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