Feeling vindicated by IRS admission, tea party hopes to leverage the moment for a resurgence

  • Article by: THOMAS BEAUMONT , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 20, 2013 - 3:49 AM
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wdntyouknwMay. 19, 1311:02 AM

Take advantage of the moment? A wrong done to the Tea Party doesn't make the Tea Party's loony ideas any less loony.

dogmanMay. 19, 1311:28 AM

Two new polls show the 'All Scandals, All Day' strategy isn't working... CNN has the president's approval steady at 53%... the Daily Gallup Tracking Poll has him up 6 points from prior to this overblown week.

melloncollieMay. 19, 13 1:37 PM

"the Tea Party's loony ideas any less loony" --- Thinking we are taxed enough is looney to a liberal. Since most liberals are on welfare and receiving entitlements they think we are not taxed enough. You can bet if they paid their fair share of taxes they would be joining the TEA Party.

melloncollieMay. 19, 13 1:40 PM

"CNN has the president's approval steady at 53%...." And I'll bet MSNBC has him at 90%. You don't believe Fox polls and we don't believe liberal media polls. Knowing how uniformed liberals are you can guess that most don't have a clue as to what their leader has been up to.

Wally_99May. 19, 13 1:46 PM

CNN is hardly an unbiased source, dogman. Obama is squirming, and it is absolutely delicious to finally have this come back around in his face.

z71broMay. 19, 13 1:47 PM

I would like to see ANYBODY do more than finger point, it seems that the reason Democrats obtain more votes is on the basis that they are willing to do SOMETHING instead of tell all of America what a hole we live in... I'm so sick of the negative press from the Tea Party, show me a PLAN, otherwise your two seconds are up...

logician88May. 19, 13 2:06 PM

Sorry Tea Party. You are still who you are, and you will be forever known as the lunatic fringe, with people like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle as examples of who your deep thinkers are. Even if the IRS is found to have done something wrong here, it wouldn't mean that you guys are right about anything.

grayanwiseMay. 19, 13 2:08 PM

The Tea Party is run by well you know the truth so sorry for these poor people if they do not like taxs of any kind leave the country promise i will not miss you but i would miss police teachers firemen highway repair or cleaning an removing snow keeping state an federal parks in good shape so if you do not what taxs for any of that get out!

melloncollieMay. 19, 13 2:13 PM

"it seems that the reason Democrats obtain more votes is on the basis that they are willing to do SOMETHING" I guess buying votes using other peoples money is doing something.

nikkieMay. 19, 13 3:09 PM

My tea party dream is to have an itemized tax breakdown on pay stubs. That way we can plainly see what our money is being spent on. I think it would be very informative to the population to see that what is spent on education, roads, war, defense, debt, etc. If not on our pay stubs then at least on our tax returns. I think that would change politics as we know it, and make people better voters. When someone proposes this I will support them regardless of political party. It will never happen, but still I have a dream.


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