Union showdown takes center stage at Minnesota Capitol

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson and Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 19, 2013 - 12:30 AM

The Legislature’s final testy days became a battle on the most sweeping union expansion in Minnesota in recent history. Vocal advocates on both sides added to the already emotional scene.

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SwiftBoatMay. 18, 13 8:00 PM

And the budget is not done.

digiserv66May. 18, 13 8:17 PM

Based on this and many of the other Stribs stories this would allow the daycare workers to vote to unionize. They didn't have that right before? If they did, then why does the state need to force them to vote on this? Just another case of payback between the DFL and Unions.

SCOOBYVR00MMay. 18, 13 8:40 PM

Our daycare provider was saying that they would have to pay Union dues even if they don't join. Passing the cost onto the the parents of the children. There goes my 3% pay increase this year.

forpeopleMay. 18, 13 9:49 PM

Daycare workers usually receive some of the lowest wages around despite the importance of their work. Let's face it folks, nurses are unionized, teachers are unionized, etc., and there are great reasons to allow daycare workers to organize too. We need to start paying these folks what they deserve. Also, note that most daycare workers are women and women often receive fair wages after they join unions. It took unions to get decent wages for nurses and teachers (they are usually women too). Union power to daycare workers, I say!!! Yay!!!

DeniseReneMay. 18, 1310:01 PM

The issue of the bill is not allowing all licensed daycare providers to vote. Allow them all to vote if they want a union...and see how all daycare providers feel. They have voted it down in their professional association the last eight years.

mpdad1638May. 18, 1310:15 PM

Let them have the right to vote for or against. If they don't want to be unionized day care workers go get another job.

jpcooperMay. 19, 1312:25 AM

mpdad1638 "Let them have the right to vote for or against.

for the second time today, They already have that right, they could have voted 3 years ago to unionize!

chemnpMay. 19, 1312:38 AM

If you think teachers and nurses are paid enough, you probably aren't a teacher or nurse.

jsdlminnMay. 19, 1312:50 AM

Let ALL licensed day care PROVIDERS (they are not "workers", they own their own businesses) vote, not just those currently with CCAP clients. It is undemocratic to not allow all licensed providers to vote on something that affects them.

stillonlymeMay. 19, 13 1:02 AM

The DFL needs to take notice: "Many political watchers consider it the most consequential vote of the session, potentially more destructive to the DFL majorities than last week’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage." And remember: Not all providers are in the "appropriate unit" which is the group allowed to vote. Only a minority of licensed providers are allowed to vote; the rest are unlicensed providers and personal care attendants, who were included in the group once the union realized that most licensed providers did not want the union.


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