Minnesota borrowing proposal fails on mostly party-line vote

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 18, 2013 - 4:16 PM

A frustrated House DFLer, Alice Hausman, said there is no time to salvage the proposal by Monday’s adjournment.

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donm251May. 17, 13 7:30 PM

The democrats have taken a wooden stick to the republicans for the last 5 months for better lack of the term and now they're asking them to vote for this bill? Not only did the democrats increase the budget by $3,000,000,000, they're asking for another $800,000,000. If the democrats had kept the budget on pace with the rate of inflation, this bonding bill probably would have sailed through the house and senate.

nogophersMay. 17, 13 7:32 PM

Fiscal sanity at last! Stop this tax and spend madness!

georgepaulMay. 17, 13 7:34 PM

What a bunch of children the GOP member are. Act like adults or we'll vote you ALL out.

omitfactsMay. 17, 13 7:50 PM


mwellcomeMay. 17, 13 7:52 PM

This is unfortunate. The DFL got greedy and negotiated a budget bill without GOP input, pushed gay marriage to the forefront, and pushed forward with a unionization bill for child care workers and personal care attendants. All without talking to the GOP. The GOP did this during the last session and were resoundingly kicked out of office. Obviously, the DFL didn't learn a thing. We live in a divided state and need compromise. I was hoping the DFL, especially the Governor, would be the adult in the room. I was wrong and it is truly unfortunate.

bluedevil101May. 17, 13 7:53 PM

The ONLY item should be the Capitol repair. If the DFL wants other things in pair with that, the GOP must continue to vote against it. If Alice Hausman can't figure out why this went down, then she should not be in the legislature. The majority leadership and Gov shut out the minority in all negotiations. This is the right of the majority. But, don't expect them to play ball when there's other things you want. The DFL leadership should have thought about all of what they wanted, rather than just jamming things forward this session.

snowdoggMay. 17, 13 8:46 PM

Why bond? Just raise taxes on cigs by $50 a pack. It seems to be the Democrat answer to everything? No one will ever drive to a neighboring state some Sunday where they can buy some beer while picking up their cheap smokes.

bwikMay. 17, 13 9:02 PM

Good. The state govt should be shrunk by 50% minimum. Billions in unnecessary expenses should be cut THIS year. Taxes are ridiculously high! The state govt provides almost NO services! The state govt is nothing but an out-of-control corporation. It is filled with DFL corporate GREED. They want to take all your money and property to feed their hungry, money-eating blob.

mplsjimMay. 17, 13 9:03 PM

Only a fool would compromise with the GOP, the GOP has no middle ground to stand on whatsoever, and they reject the middle ground. Expect nothing but crocodile tears from conservatives.

serfdumbMay. 17, 13 9:26 PM

“One word: Tragic,” Hausman said. “I regret we saw the worst in politics today — and the entire state will pay the price.” - Finally there were some adults in the room that said NO! Not again, you will not just keep spending irresponsibly. Yes we are already paying the price for the lack of vision the state has and they want to keep stealing our money to secure their power. When you take everything from someone, they have nothing to lose. That is a dangerous person...


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