Marriage and much more: How Minnesota's 2010 election mattered

  • Article by: William Cory Labovitch
  • Updated: May 19, 2013 - 4:11 PM

Dayton’s edging Emmer, with Horner’s help, made all the difference.

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pumiceMay. 19, 13 5:05 PM

From the article: "Had [Tom Emmer] been elected with a GOP Legislature, Minnesota would have become a totally different state." William Cory Labovitch started a list of differences in his conclusion. Here's Cory's list with some additions: Anti-union legislation would have been passed and signed into law; right-to-work legislation would have been passed and signed into law; ALEC-inspired anti-women's rights legislation would have been passed and signed into law; ALEC-inspired voter suppression legislation would have been passed and signed into law; Minnesota would have opted out of creating a Health Insurance Exchange; thousands of vulnerable adults would have lost their access to health care; thousands of state and public employees would have joined the ranks of the unemployed; employers would no longer be obliged to pay minimum wage to tipped workers; gun laws would have been loosened; and anti-marriage equality would have remained enshrined in Minnesota Statutes.

For all those reasons and more--including an attempt to reform the tax code so the top decile pays closer to the same effective tax rate paid by middle class small business people and workers, Minnesotans should be grateful that Mark Dayton won in 2008 and that the DFL took over the Legislature in 2010.

chuckdancerMay. 19, 13 8:24 PM

If Emmer wins there would be no talk of freedom and liberty from the boys.

twincitizen1May. 19, 13 9:19 PM

Great comment pumice, but you're off on the years those events took place. Dayton won in 2010 and the DFL took over the Legislature in 2012. An additional point that the article missed was that if Emmer had won, our public transit system would have been cut to the bone, causing even more Minnesotans to lose their jobs.

Mark27May. 19, 1310:30 PM

The author is wrong about Dayton's previous position on the cigarette tax. Dayton actively campaigned against it and correctly called out Tom Horner for preying on people's addiction with Horner's proposed cigarette tax hike. That's what makes Dayton's betrayal to smokers all the more jarring....and why an organized effort by smokers has to be taken to avenge Dayton's betrayal.

pumiceMay. 19, 1310:52 PM

Re: "Dayton won in 2010 and the DFL took over the Legislature in 2012." Thank you, twincitizen1. Time sure flew, but I can't remember having that much fun...

jbaumeisterMay. 20, 1312:49 AM

I'm certainly grateful for a governor that supports many of the same policies that I do—including recognizing the right to marry for same-sex couples. I'm also grateful for a campaign that did things differently here in defeating that amendment and sparking two years of respectful conversations on marriage for same-sex couples. Most of all, I'm grateful that the Republicans decided to start this conversation, even if the end result was unintended. Not grateful enough to ever vote for an anti-marriage crusader who tried to permanently relegate me to second-class citizenship, mind you. But still very grateful. Thank you MN GOP of 2010 for your callousness and your willingness to use my life as a political prop. It was always eventually going to backfire, and I'm very glad that it did here.

PrivateMay. 20, 13 1:38 AM

Smokers who complain about tobacco taxes may indeed want to organize, Mark 27, but they have alternative concerns that could help them even more. They should be supportive of candidates who strive to expand access to health care, which they are likely to need. And, failing to stop higher tobacco taxes, they should back other ways to get revenue. A 10-cent deposit on cigarette butts, for example. If they pick up after themselves they can get the money back, and they can pick up after the slobs who throw butts on the ground to help make up for the extra taxes they pay.

lostinstpaulMay. 20, 1310:54 AM

""What I know for sure is that because Dayton barely defeated Emmer, anti-union and right-to-work legislation was thwarted, voter ID never got passed, gun laws were never loosened, thousands of state and public employees got to keep their jobs, and thousands of vulnerable adults got to keep their state health care. And on Aug. 1, gay marriage will be legal in Minnesota."@ @ @ A nice summary of what went wrong in MN by electing Dayton. So now instead we get the union pulling daytons strings, running him by default; We will have voter fraud GALORE in the next election, again thanks to Dayton-Then theres all those state employees who "get to keep thier job" even though they are not needed, overpaid and useless- State health care got WORSE for the "vulnerable adults" with the health exchange, but dont let facts get in the way of a "good" "story". Then toss in a win for the Gay lobby, who also runs Dayton like a puppet- and what you have is a sweep by the progressive left, turning this state on a downward spiral towards billions in tax increases EACH YEAR to cover this union run spending . . .

StarquestMay. 20, 1310:55 AM

Just look at how the last two years in Wisconsin have played out. That would be us had Emmer won. Instead, our two states are farther apart politically than they've ever been. It will take Wisconsin decades to recover from the damage done by neoconservative tea partiers. Minnesota, by comparison, will be a much stronger state in terms of education, economy, and civil rights.

lostinstpaulMay. 20, 1311:33 AM

Starquest- I think you are mistaken- WI has turned a deficit into a surplus, and is "Open for business" Whereas MN just passed HUGE increases on businesses, so a large exodus of business (to WI??) is sure to follow. Education spending in MN has NEVER been higher, and the results have NEVER been lower- eliminate testing of both students and teachers?? (Union running Dayton) Yup, that just happened here in MN, so how you can claim education will get better is laughable at best!


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