World worries about Syria; Washington stuck on Benghazi

  • Article by: John Rash , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 19, 2013 - 4:20 PM

While the world is worried about the crisis there, Washington concentrates on Benghazi.

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eman2002May. 19, 13 4:38 PM

So, what else is new? US citizens (And apparently, public officials.) don't know much about foreign policy. Otherwise how did we get into Iraq to fight a war against our own interests, supposedly against terrorists who actually came from Saudi Arabia. And please keep us out of Syria a proxy war between various Mideast powers, and basically a civil war.

Jim1960May. 19, 13 4:59 PM

A more proper title for this article would be: "World worries about Syria; Obstructionist Republicans stuck on Benghazi"

jerrykillfbMay. 19, 13 5:29 PM

The White House and Congress will have to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time I guess. Benghazi is another blunder by Obama and the Administration. Syria is a sad situation and should be handled very carefully. The president of Syria is not to be trusted and the rebels seem to have some ties to Islamic extremist.

hawkeye56379May. 19, 13 6:16 PM

From the article: “I can’t think of a major foreign-policy issue that hasn’t had major partisan divides,” ---------- How about the invasion of Afghanistan? There was virtually no dissent on that.

minn12May. 19, 13 6:19 PM

Yawn, just another Obama apologist. Yeah, let's all just move on, nothing to see here. Nevermind the first US ambassador to be killed in 30 years happened under Obama and Hillary. Who cares that the Ambassador's pleas and warnings for more security went ingnored and unanswered. Who cares who denied the protection. Who cares who gave the order to 'stand down' and not rush to protect them while under attack. Who cares that Obama was missing in action during this attack. So what if he went to sleep or was partying with rappers at the White House or midnight bowling in the basement bowling alley. Well, some people DO care. And this scandal is not going away.

Wally_99May. 19, 13 6:32 PM

John, please stop trumpeting your socialist bent. Hillary is in deep doodoo, and she should be. Stop sticking up for her.

SnippetMay. 19, 13 7:57 PM

For some reason, we are more fixated on an event in which an American ambassador was murdered than on yet another Middle Eastern eruption of violence that we are not yet directly involved in. How strange.

FrankLMay. 19, 13 8:02 PM

No the American public can see the priorities just fine. They realize we should not get involved in Syria, because the examples of Egypt and Libya show the rebels are not our friends. If the rest of the world is so concerned about Syria, why don't they do something about it?

wickeywackeyMay. 19, 13 9:15 PM

The more interesting information on "Benghazi" is that the "embassy" had 23 CIA agents. Why did the US's Alqaeda pals try to wipe out the "embassy"?

hrearden57May. 19, 13 9:30 PM

Why did 0bama lie about this? Maybe an election?


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