Dayton turns to smokers to fill Vikings stadium funding gap

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 17, 2013 - 8:53 AM

Higher cigarette tax, closed loophole for businesses would make up for e-gambling shortfall.

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dlzabzMay. 16, 1310:05 PM

I don't smoke but if they pass a bailout for the Vikings stadium with a cigarette tax that stadium better be a smoking stadium. It's wrong to charge someone and then say they can't smoke in the building.

spunkykleeMay. 16, 1310:34 PM

I should run for government, it is easy, if you need to raise taxes, all you do is tax the rich and smokers, and these people want raises??? Think outside the box once in a while and come up with some cuts that could save $$ or a reasonable tax that everyone pays to come up with the shortfall from the e-pulltabs. Every smoker on principle should buy there smokes from out of the state. Stop picking on certain groups, there are other people in the state other then the rich and smokers that can be taxed.

infoninjaMay. 16, 1310:36 PM

I officially hate the Vikings. I don't support Dayton anymore either. He's incompetent and a gullible fool.

brianjapanMay. 16, 1310:45 PM

Come on Minnesota- everyone quit smoking so these thieves will have no money. They will be passing out free cigs and begging you to smoke again. This greedy bunch is so desperate to spend tax spend tax.

furguson11May. 16, 1311:16 PM

Nice to see that smoking taxes are used for professional football instead of addressing public health needs.

tom4sixMay. 16, 1311:31 PM

The state wants smokers to quit to help reduce healthcare costs, but not until zigi's. crystal palace is built and paid for.

cjvirnigMay. 17, 13 1:06 AM

People are complaining that the rich are being taxed? Last November, everyone was shouting and crying that the rich weren't taxed enough. You can't have it both ways. And it's not like the general fund is being touched for the Vikings Stadium...

gowcatsMay. 17, 13 4:31 AM

The Vikings note that the State is keeping their agreement. Perhaps the State is keeping the agreement with the Vikings, but they are NOT keeping their agreement with the taxpayers. We were promised that there would be no general fund revenues for the stadium. The stadium was to be funded by electronic gambling, and don't worry, if that falls short, we have two backup sources of revenue. Is it too much to expect the Governor to explain why none of the promised revenue sources will work? What happened? Or do they think taxpayers are so stupid that they will not even notice? I fear this is the case.

notaxmaxMay. 17, 13 5:06 AM

The article glosses over which business taxes now recieve a sales tax. If I go to a doctor or have my car serviced are those bills then subject to sales tax? Also, Dayton wants to borrow 300 million for road repair? We have a budget that is just short of 40 billion dollars and this guy needs to borrow money to do the job tax dollars were intended to do. Many wealthy Minnesotans spend 6 months and 1 day in states that are warmer in the winter and have the attraction of a zero income tax. I think tax collections on the wealthy will shrink rather then grow. Only the greedy tax and spend DFL could propose these increases without ever considering reducing spending. They are indeed the party of unintended consequences. Lets hope they are voted out in mass numbers next year.

dazel21May. 17, 13 5:12 AM

Just ordered my cigs online,sorry no more tax for Minn or Ziggi


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