Last-minute advice to Minnesota Legislature

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  • Updated: May 16, 2013 - 9:09 PM

Recommendations for Legislature’s weekend work plan.

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yosherMay. 16, 13 8:37 PM

"But it’s not a reason to put the Vikings project at risk." or the sale and development of the Strib's adjacent land.

speedgibsonMay. 16, 13 9:44 PM

Does the Star Tribune not understand how including what looms as the biggest boondoggle in Minnesota history - the Southwest light rail project - taints everything else listed, good or bad?

bluedevil101May. 16, 1310:39 PM

If the Republicans are smart, there will be no bonding bill this year. It's the only spending chip they have control over. Just vote it down, and move to adjourn. The majority has the right to move in any direction they desire in terms of the minority having involvement in the legislative process. The majority has decided to marginalize the minority in this session. The minority should use it's only chip and get on to the next election.

RossbergMay. 16, 1310:56 PM

Epulltabs had about as much chance of success of funding the stadium as striking oil on the capitol grounds. It was always a bait and switch ruse designed to gain votes for stadium approval by making it appear that it would be cost-free to the taxpayers. Anyone denying that is just insulting the intelligence of the public since at least one former legislator has confirmed it. Of course, now that the project has gone to the point where pausing it while seeking a sensible funding mechanism is unthinkable to its supporters it defaults to being financed by new taxes under the guise of “Oh, we tried so hard to make the epulltabs work but it just didn’t pan out and we don’t know why”. No consideration is given to renegotiating anything for the taxpayers’ benefit. It’s simply dumped on them with no apology or even an explanation. But since we were foolish enough to put a totally unqualified Governor and a disinterested Legislature into office it's unreasonable to think that we should expect any sympathy, let alone fairness or competence. We’re just supposed to drool over the pretty pictures and not pay any attention to the sacking of our treasury for personal gain. Hopefully, though, when people realize that cigarettes will be about $55 a carton and the cost to take their family to a football game will be about the same as a house payment they'll think twice about reelecting these clowns next year.

comment229May. 17, 13 5:00 AM

Just give the minimum wage earners the same increase you gave yourselves (legislators) this year. Fair is fair..... and don't tell me there isn't time. You did yours overnight.... and dropped the bomb the next day; done deal, when nobody was looking. Shame on YOU! What a classless group of politicians.

elmore1May. 17, 13 7:36 AM

I agree with the earlier poster. The only chip that the GOP has is the bonding bill. The DFL has become arrogant and power drunk repaying political favors and getting back at the previous administration. We need moderate leadership and spending in a stalled economy. If we don't see more reasonable behavior from the DFL, vote the bonding bill down.

taxdetectorMay. 17, 13 7:57 AM

The house version also decreases the income levels at which the 7.05 percent and 7.85 percent rates take effect . For married joint filers, the income level at which the 7.05 percent rate takes effect decreases from $35,480 under current law to $31,650, and the income level at which the 7.85 percent rate takes effect decreases from $140,960 to $130,000. So not only the rich are being targeted. Hope the Senate conferees do not agree with this tax increase.

sammy5542612May. 17, 13 8:37 AM

The workers long for higher taxes on the rich so they pay their fair share! Living space to ease the crowding in the cities.

jcinmnMay. 17, 13 2:14 PM

bluedevil101 "If the Republicans are smart, there will be no bonding bill this year. It's the only spending chip they have control over. Just vote it down, and move to adjourn.... The minority should use it's only chip and get on to the next election" Pure stupidity! Not much else needs to be said

garagewineMay. 19, 1310:45 AM

Bonding bill? Come on. Allocate enough money to repair the Capitol, then call it a day. But only after you PASS A BUDGET!

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