MLB hoping for large instant replay expansion for umpires in 2014

  • Article by: RONALD BLUM , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 16, 2013 - 5:00 PM
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BallFourMay. 16, 13 3:08 PM

We don't need umps for balls and strikes now. Technology does it better. Instead of expanding replay, let's figure out how to get rid of these guys, who mistakenly think they're the show.

rshacklefordMay. 16, 13 3:33 PM

I like the idea. I often put a MLB baseball game on TV quietly in the background when I have a bout with insomnia. Replaying stuff will make me fall asleep even quicker. When I am able to stay awake for an inning, I notice that the strike zone is in desperate need of technology. Pitches obviously outside of the SZ are called strikes and vice-versa. If coaches, players, and fans say that those kinds of mistakes are "part of the game," it is a very poor catalyst for drama.

madkingchrisMay. 16, 13 3:40 PM

That shouldn't be a problem. There is plenty of time to review replays while the batter is watching the coach tug his ears, grab his crotch, and spit in between pitches.

trythisMay. 16, 13 3:54 PM

This will make the game even slower. Games are already 3.5 hours. It'll be as dull as football.

editor29May. 16, 13 4:28 PM

Instant replay will be fine--as long as MLB also gets radically serious about pace-of-game issues that have turned games into an endless slog of Velcro adjustments, pitching changes, pitchers endlessly throwing over to first, pitchers taking way too much time to deliver a pitch, and, my favorite, those endlessly exciting visits to the mound. Something's wrong when you can arrive in the fourth inning and still see two hours of baseball.

jfoxmedicMay. 16, 13 4:32 PM

Allow one challenge per team and let that be all. Mistaken calls are part of the game.

fishbachMay. 16, 13 5:07 PM

Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!! It's the job of the umpires (or game officials for any sport) to make the call to the best of their ability, and then the game must go on. The players may argue, the managers/coaches may argue, and the fams may boo, but the call is made and it's best to get on with the game.

BSLangeMay. 16, 13 5:33 PM

If MLB is going to continue to allow big screens in stadiums showing fans the blown calls or the instant replays on ESPN ad naseum, then MLB needs to allow the umpires to use that same technology to at least make the right call.

swmnguyMay. 16, 13 5:37 PM

If Joe Torre wants to improve the game, he should can Joe West, Angel Hernandez, C.B. Bucknor, and Phil Cuzzi. The remaining umps are usually OK, but they should be rated on a points system, and the worst 10 should be demoted to AAA, and the 10 best AAA umps promoted, every season. Then he needs to make the Red Sox and Yankees follow the same pace-of-game rules that get called on the Twins from time to time, about stepping out of the box, pitchers stepping off the rubber and so on. The time between innings needs to be cut. It won't harm ad revenue, because there will be fewer ads on TV, so each ad will be worth more. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have what they do in the NHL, where there's a central office that looks at every play in real time and corrects glaring mistakes. But to go the route of the NFL would be absolutely appalling, with refs watching TV for endless game breaks. The game is meant to be called by humans. The NFL may be too complicated to be officiated by humans, and the NBA may be too fast. But baseball is supposed to be a different sort of game. I'll take the occasional bad call or mystifying strike. Do get rid of the obviously inept few umps, and enforce the rules evenly. Don't turn MLB into the NFL.

OldKidMay. 16, 13 6:34 PM

A game used to be done in 2 or 2.5 hours even if the score was 6-4. But.....silver linings.....during replays we should have time to mow the yard.....and trim. This game needs to be speeded up not slowed down.


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