In New York, Rybak voices frustration with gun availability

  • Article by: Scott Gillespie , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 15, 2013 - 6:45 PM

NEW YORK – Two U.S. mayors who are all too familiar with the toll of gun violence on city streets — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter — found a venue to voice their frustration here Wednesday.

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slicemasterMay. 15, 13 9:00 PM

Hogwash "safety" features on guns would make them more unreliable, and open manufacturers to lawsuits whenever they did not allow the firearm to be used for its intended purpose. Nothing has been found to be reliable enough to actually implement to this point, but not for lack of trying. And I strongly challenge the idea that a significant number of guns used in crimes in the US come directly from dealers. Studies show that well over 85% of felons say they get their firearms from black market purchases, stealing them or from friends or family members. Since most "friends and family" transactions are exempt from almost all the expanded background check legislations, and straw purchases are already illegal, these efforts would have minimal to no effect on gun violence.

vintovkaMay. 16, 13 6:49 AM

I do not know why these mayors believe more gun laws are the answer. The things they specifically complained about - "rental" of guns by unlicensed dealers, and giving away guns in a drug deal, are ALREADY ILLEGAL! Instead of asking for more laws, why aren't the cops on the street arresting the people who are committing these illegal acts? Here's the answer: they know they can never stop illegal activity, but as elitists they have a goal of taking away guns from you and me. That will leave armed criminals, cops and judges/politicians - they always write exemptions for themselves - and the rest of us cowering and trying to stay out of the way of the above groups. This debate is not about gun control, it's about CONTROL. Public safety is just a smokescreen.

davehougMay. 16, 1311:55 AM

Ask ex-felons (who aren't allowed guns) how much they fear getting caught with a gun. The answer will tell a lot about where change is needed.

shadeslandinMay. 16, 13 8:14 PM

The author Scott Gillespie makes several outlandish statements in his article and reports on one made by Ryback. Ryback according to the article stated that we are in an "epidemic" of gun violence. NONSENSE! That is untrue and a lie. According to a Depart of Justice study, shows a 39% drop in gun murders from 1993 to 2011. Non-fatal gun crimes are down 69%. The Mayor of Minneapolis as usual does not have a clue or at least any correct facts when he speaks on this issue. Furthermore, the study found that "60 percent of state prison inmates arrested for a gun-related crime obtained their guns legally: 37 percent from family or friends, 10 percent from a retail or pawn shop and just 2 percent from a gun show or flea market." Scott Gillespie stated however that the "illegal trafficking" among licensed dealers is a "major" source of guns used in crimes. Really Scott? The Department of Justice contradicts your assertion. Licensed dealers I know go out of their way to not make a straw man sale and none "traffic" in firearms as you have stated. As a licensed dealer, I take great offense to that slanderous comment in your article. Add to the fact that it is not backed by facts (i.e. you just made it up which is in essence then a lie) and now you have a huge credibility issue. Are you sure you did not work in Washington?

firefight41May. 17, 13 6:51 AM

Ryback according to the article stated that we are in an "epidemic" of gun violence. ********** The "epidemic" is not gun violence, but people with mental issues that need treatment and are not receiving it.

spruce1May. 22, 13 9:11 PM

The number of americans killed by terrorists in 2011= 17. The number of americans killed by firearms, either fired by themselves or other americans in 2011 = 31,672.

bearclaw500May. 31, 13 9:25 PM

"the Minneapolis mayor questioned why guns-rights lobbyists appear to be dictating terms to lawmakers". My goodness these people are confused. The truth of the matter is that big city mayors are trying to dictate gun laws to the rest of the country. Just look at all the States, counties and sheriff's across the country that are nullifying new gun laws. This is political "extremism", but we all know that term only applies to one side of the aisle.

tholmquistJun. 11, 13 8:03 PM

New York couldn't stop gun violence with stricter gun laws. Only when police invoked tougher prevention measures such as Stop-and-Frisk did gun violence begin to decline. Take the hand cuffs off of our police and let them do their job.

tandem2002Jun. 16, 13 9:42 AM

The safety feature issue is red herring. They are only capable of preventing accidental discharge of a firearm, and notably this story didn't cite all the instances of death by accidental discharge of firearms. That's because it is exceedingly rare. Virtually every year's listing by the National Safety Council of accidental death statistics shows the same thing: accidental gunshot comes in as the least frequent cause of accidental death. So while the mayor became all exercise in response to the fellow from Mossberg, he either knew or should have known that he was stating as a large problem something that is not.

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