Minnesota ushers in gay marriage

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 15, 2013 - 10:01 AM

“You changed the course of history,” Gov. Dayton said as Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

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okaybruceMay. 14, 1310:34 PM

Meaningless celebration. There is no such thing as same sex "marriage" and there never will be. We will continue to teach the truth to everyone and will do so unafraid and out in the open. We will push for real marriage in the public square and the elimination of this fantasy.

cinemajayMay. 14, 1310:38 PM

LOVE WINS! Way to go Minnesota--so proud of my state!

JumpinTimMay. 14, 1310:43 PM


starpaper44May. 14, 1310:50 PM

As much as we all celebrate this momentous occasion and cry at the first two commentators who wrote terribly cruel things, let's not forget that we still don't live in an equal state. Yes, we all celebrate that gays and lesbians can now get married. But don't forget all of us bisexual and transgendered people!! Where are OUR rights? We love and live with people of all genders and sexual expressions. I sadly feel that we have been left out in the cold as the gays and lesbians have their day in the sun. Minnesota will sill not be an equitable state until transgendered and bisexuals get full and equal status.

boozlesMay. 14, 1311:26 PM

@dighollywood Marriage was stolen by the government to offer heterosexual couples added benefits not offered to other couples in a Civil Union. It was the government (not Gay's) who stole the term "Marriage" from the church. If the state called all marriages "Civil Unions" and offered the exact same benefits across the board we wouldn't be having this conversation.

republican80May. 14, 1311:29 PM

Congrats, Minnesota! May many more states join you and the rest of the 12 in the near future. As for the comment someone made about bisexuals being left out in the cold, well, frankly, that I don't understand. This allows bisexuals the freedom to marry the person of their choosing as well. Like most gay rights victories, a win for gay people is a win for bi people.

kd5757May. 14, 1311:33 PM

When people use the Bible as a means to justify their bigotry, they lose all credibility with others. They may not see what they are doing but it doesn't fool the rest of us. They would do well to mind their own business and work on their own short-comings.

falcon1681May. 14, 1311:36 PM

dighollywood, okaybruce, stop playing God's mouth piece and butt out. If it's wrong, let God sort it out. Try concentrating more on Gods words of tolerance and forgiveness and his scriptures about how we're to treat our fellow man, our elderly and our impoverished. You can't pick and choose God's words based on your own morals and narrow minded views.

DarManMay. 14, 1311:58 PM

I am neither a proponent nor an opponent to "gay marriage." When the chips fall, this is just a non-issue for me. I don't mean this in a callous way. I understand that "marriage" means that partners will have the right to inherit and decide care for their "same-sex" partners in the case of a calamity, and this is an astonishing testament to the power of love. But whose business are (marriage, divorce, abortion, celibacy, a-sexuality, or any other "non-traditional" life style) other than those adult, consensual people who are participants. My wish as we go forward into the 21st century is that everyone realizes that no one has the right to dictate to another person how they shall act (an do no harm, do as ye will). Many folks want to quote "the bible" (lower case intentional) as the authority of their POWER to dictate their will to others. And yet, the "christian bible" repeatedly says that all men are responsible to god themselves. Jesus told his followers to tell others that something better than this world was coming and to encourage others to live as "he" lived, but never did he say that they ought to dominate or coerce their brothers to live that way; just encourage! So, just be kind and understanding - and shut up if you don't like the way your neighbor lives; because "god" judges each of individually and your "banging" isn't going to get you any closer to heaven!

mchristiMay. 15, 1312:02 AM

"There is no such thing as same sex 'marriage' and there never will be." Well there is now. Go ahead, okbruce, deny reality all you want, but your scare quotes and counterfactual (and theologically wrong, I might add) view won't change the reality. Marriage equality has come to Minnesota, and it is something to rejoice over, for all God's children, including the gay and lesbian ones, will be able to have the relationship that is part of our deep and core nature, regardless of sexual orientation and the gender of one's partner.


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