Another hole opens in Vikings stadium funding plan

  • Article by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger and Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 14, 2013 - 10:47 PM

With six days left, Senate leaders call sports memorabilia tax a no-go.

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DufferHMay. 14, 1310:54 PM

The bottom line is despite the talk of a "plan" and all the hoopla of the unveiling, the money still isn't there to pay for this $1 billion playpen. It's time to pull the plug and cut the losses.

sharkysharkMay. 14, 1310:54 PM

The Legislature has six days to do their job. The stadium financing is a FAIL and if nothing is done about it the taxpayers are going to get screwed. It's time to repeal the financing now while there's still time for a do-over.

marketerMay. 14, 1311:09 PM

For God's sake people, stop this nutty project now! Wilf won't sue, because he would effectively ruin any respect he has left. If the Dome isn't enough than show the bozo the door. He won't (and can't ) leave anyway. We are laughing stocks at this point.

fonzi3May. 14, 1311:22 PM

This has become a joke....seriously, all for a monopoly like the fixed league of the NFL. Just think if they actually used that money to invest in emerging industries, rather than a declining football league?

birdpeepMay. 14, 1311:23 PM

Apparentky it was more important for the DFL to make the word "marriage" have no meaning than to have a way to pay for this Ponzi scheme stadium deal cooked up by Dayton and Mondale.

klondikekidMay. 14, 1311:56 PM

This is really....really outragious. Last years session ending deal produced notations by some that the revenue would be short and that trying to get it from gambling was an obviously flawed direction; they were tuned out amidst all the clamour to "save the team from moving". Of course the idea of a more modest facilty could not have permeated the push once Minneapolis got behind it but we were assured the details would come. Lester Bagley said as much when he quipped "there's time to work on it and get it fixed, I don't want to take away from the moment. It was a great day." Trouble is we now have a liberal house, senate and governor who have no qualms about throwing another "new" tax on an area that was never held to be considered an option a year ago or eventually taking it from a giant pot of money and telling us during the next budget cycle that we are not funding our priorities.

pustule2May. 15, 1312:12 AM

Julianne Ortmann had a chance to shut the stadium deal down when it was in committee. Now her BS detector is driving her crazy. I don't see why the governor can't simply say to Wilf that we don't have the money coming in and he'll have to fill in the funding himself, or forget about the whole deal. It's not like Wilf is going to walk; he has nowhere to go from here but down.

mdachsMay. 15, 1312:13 AM

Easy answer: let Ziggy pay more. Or scrap the new stadium.

ThegonagleMay. 15, 13 1:52 AM

I'm dreaming, but I urge Governor Dayton and legislature face facts: The money isn't there yet. We can still do this thing--it'll be awesome when it's done--just not quite yet. Please find the money first. No dirt has been moved, and the Metrodome, with its new roof and turf, is in excellent functional condition for several more years. Maybe we should postpone this massive project for a season or two until we fix the funding--otherwise, we'll end up financing this splendid new palace at the expense of stuff that really matters long term, like education and infrastructure. I can't see the NFL moving the team over an extra season or two in the admittedly cramped and outdated old dome. Even better yet, how about extending the two year deal with the U to five years at TCF Bank stadium? At a mere $3 million a game, it's a bargain for Wilf and the taxpayers alike! Heck, why not 30 years? (Or maybe I just don't understand football--I've been told that before.)

erikj3May. 15, 13 2:53 AM

Perhaps since Legislators can't figure out how to pay for "our" portion of the stadium, it's time for Wilf to step up and pick up the tab for the whole thing, or perhaps consider downsizing (which wouldn't be a bad idea, that design is HIDEOUS!).


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