New beer, wine deal on tap for University of Minnesota

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 15, 2013 - 5:54 AM

After losing money on alcohol sales at TCF Bank Stadium last year, the school renegotiated with its concessionaire.

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WaterloverMay. 14, 1310:58 PM

This comment says all you ever need to know about the UofM athletic department: "Making money on it is not really the main purpose of it,” Allen said (of alcohol sales at TCF Bank Stadium.)

lawstarMay. 14, 1311:04 PM

As an attendee at three Gopher football games last year (and a beer drinker myself, but not at the games at $7.50 a pop) I saw some really stupid drunken Viking fan like behavior from middle aged adults. That conduct certainly detracted from the experience. Couple that conduct with the fact money was lost seems to point to the conclusion that alcohol sales are not appropriate at Gopher football games.

chrisrealtorMay. 15, 1312:02 AM

The gophers less than mediocre football team shouldn't have scrapped the game against north Carolina (I think it was n Carolina) for $800,000k, they would have made money last year. But hey, let's charge the consumers more to make up for the worthless p Athletic directors call on this.

sparkyMay. 15, 13 6:33 AM

I notice the fans are not a part of the negotiations as usual. No one in the room to lower the outrageous price of a cup of beer.....just less for Aramark and more money for the U. Tsk tsk

elmore1May. 15, 13 6:49 AM

Uh, I think that someone from the private sector should help the U negotiate the deal. Fiscal management is not their strong suit.

minneg56May. 15, 13 6:51 AM

Maybe they could limit the libations sold to 'Minnesota only' brewed and distilled beverages?

patasticMay. 15, 13 7:06 AM

They get 22% of gross sales and lose money. Aramak does all the work, purchases all the product, employs all the people, yet they make money. What costs does the University incur on this? How is it even possible that the U loses money? I'm puzzled because I work in the real world, where people have to make money or they go hungry...

editor29May. 15, 13 7:50 AM

“Making money on it is not really the main purpose of it,” Allen said. “We’re more interested in being sure that we can control the sale of it.”////// This guy is joking, right? Please, tell me he's joking.

siouxchampMay. 15, 13 8:12 AM

When the story first broke on the U losing money on beer sales, the UofM spokesman down played the embarrassment by claiming "they expected to lose money in just the 1st year". Now the UofM was quoted saying they were surprised at the loss. Another classic example how the UofM is a laughing stock. Name 1 other school in the country, that will sign a contract losing money on beer sales!! Good Luck.

wileyrulesMay. 15, 1310:48 AM

Oh shoot, I thought they were going to let us drink in class.


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