Minn. Senate marathon: Child-care unions bill passes after 17-hour debate over 2 days

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 15, 2013 - 9:44 AM

Final action on the bill was delayed while the Senate debated amendments offered by opponents of unionizing home child-care workers. The fight over unionizing in-home child-care providers kept the Minnesota Senate up through the night, as supporters and opponents debated whether the small, private businesses should have a right to vote on unionization.

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tammy1964May. 14, 13 9:57 PM

Being a pca for my son, I do not want to be part of a union. All the unions do is take your money and make programs, or businesses go bankrupt. Whether people want to accept it or not, unions have had a hand in our jobs being shipped overseas. I definitely will give the union a piece of my mind if they call me.

omitfactsMay. 14, 1310:00 PM

this is wildly unpopular, and roughly 4,000 of the 12,000 affected will have a say this is not our governments role, but it will pas because you people have elected a mentally ill governor and the democrats needed to pass this insanity. It will not effect me, but no whining when you payments go sky high. Idiot voters are to blame. Union paybac k, fools. a

saintdonMay. 14, 1310:00 PM

Do this and it will backfire on you BIGTIME!!! How about you as a state government make sure the dollars you are currently spending on subsidized child care is actually doing something? There is a major investigation proving otherwise.

armybratMay. 14, 1310:06 PM

The DFL is out of control. They have no business in this. They obviously owe the unions for all the money they took from them in the last election cycle.

ldahlkeMay. 14, 1310:32 PM

Let's ask an ex-Hostess employee how the union helped them? If you don't know one then try an ex-Northwest Airlines Mechanic, I bet they have some really ugly comments about the Airlines. How about that 2004 bus strike, how did that pan out, remember that Gridlock the unions promised would happen with traffic delays? Let's go back a few decades and ask the Air-Traffic controllers, the Hormel workers in Austin or the International Paper mill workers. I bet the union made them all very wealthy and happy as well! And Let's not forget about the biggest unions of all in the government that we continue to bail out. I don't think anyone can lose money faster than the US Postal Service.

totaltruthMay. 14, 1310:55 PM

Exactly what will be accomplished with this bill trying to push unions into child care?

The cost of child care will substantially increase

The quality of child care will substantially decrease

We would have the inefficient, non-caring unions involved with our small children.

And the primary accomplishment for the democrats in power... It would increase their liberal contributions through forced union dues.

benjamin_1114May. 14, 1310:59 PM

Dayton does have an election coming up. Nothing gets more votes for him then adding more union members. I currently pay $900 a month (my 2-year old daughter goes to daycare 3 days a week) and would love to pay more. This is sarcastic if you can't tell. I will vote for whoever is running against Dayton based on this alone.

DufferHMay. 14, 1311:01 PM

The unions can't gain members through convincing the workers. Hence they take the easier route, a beholden DFL governor and legislature. This state government becomes more of an embarrassment all the time. They couldn't get the citizenry to swallow their stadium plans, so they shoved it down their throats. And here we go again.

chemnpMay. 14, 1311:30 PM

The president of the union says: The only way to certainly make substantial changes in the system, and support the people who do the caregiving, is to join together with one collective voice.

Can I see evidence? Can they please tell me what is the problem with childcare currently and what steps they have taken to fix this which haven't worked. Can they point to places where unionization has helped anything (in the past 30-50 years)?

Republicans should rejoice if this union passes because liberals like me will leave the DFL because of it.

bootsy07May. 15, 13 1:04 AM

Doesn't the DFL read their mail or do any polling? I can't recall anything this uniformly unpopular across the political spectrum ever getting this kind of traction at the Capitol.


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