Analysis: How damaged is Obama?

  • Article by: Dan Balz , Washington Post
  • Updated: May 14, 2013 - 11:13 PM

The White House is fighting off scandal on three fronts.

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raineyrooMay. 14, 13 9:27 PM

Obama's fine. Nobody cares about Libya issue except crocodile tears Hannity. Most Americans don't care for the Tea Party, as they realize that realize that it's a phony organization. So, the issue with the IRS is off the hook. Even though in my opinion, it's a vindictive act to go after your enemies via the IRS. What was the other complaint? Yes, I know that it was about the AP.

GjbrayMay. 14, 13 9:42 PM

Libya - Obama lied. Many times. Four Americans died. IRS - Obama lied. AP phone records - Obama lied. Nixon did far less and was run out of office, and correctly so, and no one died. He looked at IRS records, Obama's admin used records to harrass groups, sought membership names, and targeted Jews. Unbelievable!! Obama must go. Fast and Furious Holder too. There are more scandels to this administration than accomplishments. If no one cares, this country is lost. I believe people just need to wake up, get out of the racial trance, and they will realize what a failure Obama and his administration are. I cannot wait for 2014.

omitfactsMay. 14, 13 9:46 PM

Dont speak for me. I care very much about an issue that was covered up that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. I also care about an abuse of power which targets t hose who dont agree with their political views, and I also find it very troubling if my president illegally targets the AP to try and dictate what is reported. I find this all very concerning. Very, very concerning. c

jeffandpamMay. 14, 13 9:49 PM

I was just about to post a statement saying, "OK, Liberals, spin this one". rainyroo has beaten me to it.

armybratMay. 14, 1310:08 PM

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office that targeted and harassed conservative tax-exempt groups during the 2012 election cycle gave the progressive group ProPublica nine confidential applications of conservative groups whose tax-exempt status was pending.

It just keeps getting better. Those chickens are coming home to roost.

knicholsMay. 14, 1310:15 PM

Claiming ignorance can only will not work in the end when details come out. We already know the White House knew that Bengahzi was not a protest and continued to lie to the American public about it. The Tea Party complained over a year ago about being targeted by the IRS. And the issue with the AP phone records happens right after closing arguements on Obamacare. Either they are very much involved and trying to be masters at lying or this is complete incompetence. If complete incompetence, do we want this to continue for 4 more years?

dogman_214May. 14, 1310:18 PM

Four fronts. Don't think we have forgotten about the "Fast and Furious" debacle. He can point fingers all he wants. But it was under his watch. The damage is too large - he will not be able to govern effectively. Since he won't have to good sense and moral conscience to step down, impeachment will have to follow for the good of our nation.

staredMay. 15, 13 1:26 AM

This administration has been run by rank amateurs and Obama himself had no experience in running anything and this has been obvious during his years as president. Time to look at actual accomplishments and NOT just what candidates say!

fwallenMay. 15, 13 5:38 AM

When will politicians learn? Whatever the issue, the coverup is always worse than the original misdeed. If Nixon or Clinton had been prompt and candid they never would have been in serious trouble. Nixon would have served his term and Clinton would not have faced impeachment. Is it the arrogance of power or position that comes with a second term, or do they just think the American people are stupid?

fwallenMay. 15, 13 5:47 AM

The real sadness is that Obama came into office with a lot of goodwill. People like me,( in the middle) had hoped he'd live up to his promise. Instead of clarity, we have had lies and cover ups. It looks like the remainder of his term will be a wasted opportunity. So sad!


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