Minnesota budget deal: Tax hikes on high earners, tobacco

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson and Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 13, 2013 - 8:20 AM

New revenue would boost school spending and fund a property tax relief plan. GOP responded with scorn.

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birdpeepMay. 12, 13 3:01 PM

They won't cut one nickle of spending, but they WILL raise taxes on the producers of society. meanwhile, the poor smoking schlubs will also pay more, but it doesn't matter because their transfer payments will also go up. Then to top it all off, the democrats and the 'governor" vote themselves 36% increases in their own wages, while NO private business in this state has had an increase like ythat EVER. so we get runaway spending, higher taxes on the job producers, higher wages for the incompetent, and two men or women "marrying" each other. you DFlers should be really proud of how you are destroying this state and society.

dtmonkeyboyMay. 12, 13 3:29 PM

Congratulations the this legislature....they are doing exactly what they said they would do. Raise taxes on the rich, cut property taxes, balance the budget...and support gay marriage. You may disagree with the agenda, but there is no denying they accomplished what they said they would do. Refreshing!

clownbasketMay. 12, 13 3:32 PM

Hello from Nevada! Thank god we moved away last year. This is like watching a slow motion car wreck. Dayton proposes typical liberal jealous fair share taxes (total joke)....the legislature proposes every tax under the sun (this is what they REALLY want)....then Dayton steps in and they raise taxes to the ridiculous rates Dayton proposed in the first place. No talk of spending cuts, no talk of fiscal responsibility, no acknowledgement that this is OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY! Just spend spend spend, tax tax tax. I am sad for Minnesota.

brianjapanMay. 12, 13 3:34 PM

Disgusting government employees - hey wait they are not done with their plan yet. How else can you steal money. Hey Minnesota, hope everyone quits smoking. Would love to see them squirm. They would be passing smokes out for free to get people to start up again to get the taxes.

supervon2May. 12, 13 3:39 PM

Wow! What a creative govenor! He found the magic source for all money flows and solved the problem completely. Now they will never have to come back for more money. Praise to the State.

freedubayMay. 12, 13 3:46 PM

This will go down as one of the most inept legislative sessions Minnesota has ever had. 2 billion in tax increases and they still haven't found a way to pay for the Viking stadium.

stanbobMay. 12, 13 3:52 PM

Just wait until plan "C" for the stadium hits...

jeffandpamMay. 12, 13 3:53 PM

dtmonkeyboy - you could not possibly be more wrong. Your liberal savior promised to raise taxes on the rich, which he did. The problem is, he raised taxes on everyone else too. He has no idea what it takes to live within your means because he's never had to. Now, it's like Christmas to him - he gets to spend all of OUR money. Typical uber-liberal, socialist spender - with mental health issues to boot! We sure know how to pick 'em in MN, don't we?

jeffandpamMay. 12, 13 3:59 PM

OH - I almost forgot to mention how our state government continues to fleece hard working citizens. Take OUR money without consent to pad the state pension plan. The rest of the world has to find their own way to somehow, some day, retire. But state employees merely take our money from us to ensure they're well-funded - making it even more impossible for the rest of us to sock away a few bucks for a rainy day . Our state legislators who voted for this should go to jail. Liberals are destroying our economy and our FUTURE!

avalancheguyMay. 12, 13 4:07 PM

I think legislators should be included in the 2 percent. 31,000 for a part time"job" is waaay too much. Then they have the nerve to give themselves a raise,which they took care of first!


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