Vikings stadium funding plan relies on bars' culture, marketing and 'whales'

  • Article by: Jean Hopfensperger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 12, 2013 - 7:20 AM

The plan for funding the Vikings stadium relies on finding a formula to help electronic gambling succeed.

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plan2succeedMay. 11, 1310:13 PM

Increased supply will not create increased demand. There simply isn't enough collective discretionary money to pay for the unneeded stadium. Put the plan on hold until the revenue required has been collected and after schools, roads and police and fire needs have been met.

borisMay. 11, 1310:46 PM

anybody who gambles wouldn't belly up to one of them electronic thingamajiggers, at least nobody I know.

TobsterMay. 11, 1311:46 PM

Open a state-run casino and you'll see very different results. Casinos work. Especially if it's like the state lottery. That's made billions in large part because people trust it and like where the money goes.

FreddieBabyMay. 12, 13 5:26 AM

It would be helpful if there was a list of places that have the e-pulltab gambling. My bar days ended 20 years ago so I don't really frequent them any longer, but I would definitely go to one near my house that has the electronic gambling just so I could help support the stadium. Please, state of MN & Vikings, publish a list and get the word out there.

comment229May. 12, 13 6:12 AM

"You need a nucleus of five or more people who play all the time, and who can afford to play," and this is what you are depending on to build a stadium? Try get a loan from a bank using that as collateral and let me know how that works out for you. Simply, you would get laughed at but the politicians in St. Paul seem to think this is a perfectly good idea. Sorry, but the legislature has over extended its reach on this one. The only thing I ask is that they stop telling the Minnesota public how deep in debt we are. If we can afford this stadium, and all the other stadiums, apparently we don't have any financial problems in this state. The Metrodome is still there; put these plans on hold while still collecting the money and go with it when you know for sure, what is coming in for revenue. Until then, you are gambling our money.... and I resent that.

marcymmbMay. 12, 13 6:22 AM

I guess the state doesn't understand pulltabs very well. I play pulltabs some bars have pulltab kiosks but most don't and as long as the place is not busy fine they will sell you pulltabs but once a place gets busy pulltab sales are at the bottom of the rung the sale of food and drinks comes first because they don't make money off of pulltabs.

jcinmnMay. 12, 13 7:13 AM

It's all about marketing. If you leave it up to the state you get what you get now. The Vikings have a vested interest in this. They're the ones who have been pushing for the new stadium and they should be pushing e pull tabs also. Where are all of the fans that were demonstrating in St Paul? They should be asking for the e pull tabs when they're out at the sports bars. If they can afford to go to the games and all of the jerseys you see them wearing at the game they should be able to play the e pull tabs. C'mon Vikes and your fans! Get off of the couch and get into the game!

pitythefoolsMay. 12, 13 7:27 AM

I can't wait to hear Dayton's "secure" backup funding source. Everyone knew gambling wouldn't pay for it, yet this entirely unnecessary billionaire's playground was rammed through regardless. So, what'll it be? Higher property taxes? Higher income taxes? One thing is for certain. It'll be taxes.

elmore1May. 12, 13 7:29 AM

You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. This was an extremely risky bet by Dayton, Rybak and Mondale and it didn't pan out. They took credit for shoving the Vikings stadium in Mpls through and now they need to be accountable for fixing the problem without any new taxes.

RossbergMay. 12, 13 7:37 AM

What puzzle? The only thing that's puzzling is how anyone could think this would work. Actually, it's unlikely that anyone seriously believed it would since no research was done to establish its credibility. It was chosen, a lot of its backers now admit, simply because it was the only way they could get the stadium approved. In short, this was all just a fraud designed to push through the project with a minimum of resistance. The continuing decline in performance of epulltabs is now being falsely portrayed as shocking although there was never any chance of its success. Although the stadium project is probably unstoppable, even though it should be stopped, it's a testament to the depths to which the Governor and many of the legislators have sunk in showing their disrespect for the public by committing to a shameful diversion of public funds to a sports team which, just as the team's peers are able to do and have done, could have easily paid for this project themselves. The public's realization of this is apparently playing a role in their increasing disdain for epulltabs since they understand that contributing for the benefit of a local hockey or softball team or charity is a lot different from enriching a New Jersey billionaire.


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