AP Exclusive: Watchdog report says senior IRS officials knew tea party groups targeted in 2011

  • Article by: STEPHEN OHLEMACHER , Associated Press
  • Updated: May 11, 2013 - 10:43 PM
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birdpeepMay. 11, 13 3:53 PM

These types of things happen in third world dictatorships, they are NOT supposed to happen in this country. If the Senate was a pro-American body as it was meant to be, Obama would be immediately impeached and removed from office. The Senate, however is controlled by Alinskey woshipping Marxists who support the one who sits in the White House.

handsomepeteMay. 11, 13 4:03 PM

Funny how this was never revealed to the public until LONG AFTER the November 2012 election, isn't it?

boozlesMay. 11, 13 4:27 PM

So I guess now because of this the IRS is considered an arm of the Democratic party? Get over yourselves Republicans. In a third world dictatorship this article would have never made the news papers, nor would the IRS have come out with an apology. Teapublicans need to do some traveling abroad (outside of their backyards) and learn what a "third world" country is really like before they go around throwing ridiculous statements like these out there.

dflleftMay. 11, 13 4:41 PM

WOW, I guess the hard core libs even infiltrated the IRS. Be carefull folks, if you check off on you MN state tax return a republican donation look forward to an audit.

Packman_1May. 11, 13 4:43 PM

"The Senate, however is controlled by Alinskey woshipping Marxists who support the one who sits in the White House."........it's not helpful to back up your point with hysteria. I get the impression you don't have the slightest idea what a third world dictatorship looks like.

boozlesMay. 11, 13 4:47 PM

@birdpoop In a third world dictatorship the writer of this article would be put to death, in the Bush administration this article would have never been allowed to be published, but in the Obama administration the information was allowed to be shared in the media. Educate yourself to the differences.

paulusMay. 11, 13 5:19 PM

boozlesMay. 11, 134:27 PM - No need to travel abroad, Obama and the Democrats are turning the U.S. into a "third world" country very quickly. The U.S. used to be a superpower but Obama wants equal outcomes for everyone and punishes successful people who actually work hard.

hookshotMay. 11, 13 5:32 PM

Makes sense to me. Who is most likely cheating on their taxes? Teapublicans.

formergopMay. 11, 13 5:46 PM

The tea party is anti American. They do not want to pay taxes. They believe the government is out to get them. They believe anybody that does not think like them are the enemy. Very anti American.

Guppy35May. 11, 13 5:56 PM

Hold the phone. The guy who started this was a Bush Appointee and this is somehow Obama's fault? Go ahead and be angry about this, but keep it in perspective. Some of you folks have got to get a grip. Think about what you are really saying in your anti Obama rants. You are giving him credit for being smarter and more devious than everyone else. Somehow he's been five steps ahead of all of you for all this time despite the 'make him a one term president' crowd making that their overriding goal. Is this what you really believe or are you so blind in your fear that you can't see the forest for the trees?


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