Twin Cities fiscal-disparities pool gets wrong kind of attention

  • Article by: Bob DeBoer
  • Updated: May 12, 2013 - 5:29 PM

Principles of ‘fiscal disparities’ do not include subsidizing Mall of America.

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sek2undrstndMay. 12, 13 9:22 PM

Excellent article about shared prosperity within the Twin Cities. How much of the development in Bloomington occurred because of the Old Met? How many of the hotels, restaurants, office towers, and shopping centers would be in Bloomington today if it wasn't for the Old Met? I'd say Bloomington has been a regional winner because of all of the tax money that was spent early on to develop the area. And now Bloomington wants to say they are a "loser"? Get over yourselves.

haybrnr23May. 12, 1310:25 PM

Direct Government subisidies of privately owned businesses, such as The Mall of America and the Minnesota Vikings, rob middle and lower income Minnesotans to make the rich, richer. Want to start or expand your business in Minnesota? Great! The Government of Minnesota will provide you with an educated workforce, roads, mass transit, utilities, police and fire protection. Want us to issue you a check compliments of the Minnesota Taxpayer? No sir, that is political corruption.

sharkysharkMay. 13, 13 7:49 AM

Mall of America is long overdue for reimbursing the Bloomington taxpayers and most certainly should not get any more public money. It's time for them to give back more than just low-paying retail jobs.

handsomepeteMay. 13, 1312:38 PM

Definition of "fiscal disparities": Steer tax money from suburbs into the Democrat-voting inner cities. Just another wealth redistribution scheme courtesy of the Democratic Party. Now Minneapolis can buy more $50,000 water fountains and spend $2 million of non-Minneapolis residents' money on renovating the city hall clock.

handsomepeteMay. 13, 1312:39 PM

Another commented asked: "How much of the development in Bloomington occurred because of the Old Met? How many of the hotels, restaurants, office towers, and shopping centers would be in Bloomington today if it wasn't for the Old Met?" The "Old Met" had nothing to do with it. Bloomington's proximity to airport did. The Mall of America would not be a tourist destination if it was built 100 miles away from the international airport. Neither would the hotels.

hounder25May. 13, 13 3:08 PM

It still blows me away that the two largest cities in our state need a hand-out from the suburbs.

potter101May. 13, 13 4:03 PM

This is the definition of the rights concept of capitalism. Where is any of this within the parameters of capitalism. Actually the truth is anything is in the parameters as long as the wealth of a nation gets directed into the hands of the few.

gilgamesh23May. 13, 13 6:21 PM

handsomepete: The most recent report on the Fiscal Disparities program shows Minneapolis as a net contributor. Occasionally Minneapolis has been a net recipient as well, but it not clear-cut one way or another. Also, Hennepin County is the only county in the 7-County Metro which is a contributor. The other 6 are all net recipients. I'll put the link in my next post.

alansonMay. 13, 13 6:31 PM

The title of this commentary should be "Policy wonk meets real-life DFL politics." Let me explain. Mayo wanted the city of Rochester to get help in building infrastructure to support the clinic's expansion. The request was in the jurisdiction of the House tax committee. The DFL chair of that committee is Ann Lenczewski. She represents (surprise!) Bloomington, home to the Mall of America which also wants a state handout. In short, the price of the Mayo subsidy includes the MOA subsidy. They're joined at the hip regardless of the nice theories about metro-wide tax burdens. How's that for a quick lesson in politics, Bob?

gilgamesh23May. 13, 13 7:03 PM

And as I suspected, links can't be posted. Search for 2011 Fiscal Disparities MN Dept of Revenue if you want to read the report.


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