Had Chris Kluwe worked at the University of St. Thomas ...

  • Article by: Mark Osler
  • Updated: May 8, 2013 - 10:20 PM

The booted Vikings punter was outspoken on same-sex marriage. I was, too. The difference? My employer values debate.

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goferfanzMay. 8, 1310:13 PM

Well, it helps that St Thomas is teasingly referred to as CINO by rank and file Catholics, as is St Kate's. More importantly, a college has a both a fixed audience (students), and tenured professors. An NFL football team has a fan base as divided as the electorate, and sell-outs have disappeared. Thus, customer satisfaction IS a must. More importantly, NFL coaches only get to keep their big buck jobs if they win, aka there is no tenure, right? Kluwe was a stunning distraction who was openly rude to his coaching staff in his tweets. The local media doesnt seem capable of admitting this. He mocked his coaches-- who only asked that he focus on his million dollar job. Well, who is laughing now? I bet it isnt Kluwe's wife and kids ;o) Yet, rejoice Kluwe fans = he can NOW tweet and opine all he wants. NO limits. It's all good, right?

kilofoxMay. 8, 1310:31 PM

This must be a comedy piece. The last time I checked the NFL wasn't a debate society bouncing theories off each other. Maybe that says more about your college than the Vikings. If you continued to do things that your employer asks you not to do, like kick it to top returners you might not be around long either. To bad Ryan Longwell didn't spew his views on Twitter like Kluwe did, he might have college professor crying about his release.

luxaeternaMay. 8, 1310:36 PM

If Kluwe was fired because of his outspoken views on same-sex marriage, then why the heck are taxpayer dollars going to suport the Viking's stadium? Minnesotans value free speech.

bannedmuggsMay. 8, 1311:11 PM

Wow - again, who cares? I'm pretty sure, professor, you weren't foul-mouthed and disgusting in your stance. Maybe if Kluwe would have had some tact in his approach to "debate" the issue, he might still have a job. Oh wait, his job performance stunk. Could that be the reason he got canned? This is the most over reported, off target story in the history of the Vikings. Don't let the door...

kd5757May. 8, 1311:20 PM

As far as I'm concerned, Kluwe was the best thing the Vikings did for Minnesota in recent years. We need more citizens like him. People who stick their neck out for ideals that make us better people. Now contrast this with his boss, Piggy Wilf, whose ideals center around lining his pockets with public money. There's no comparison...Kluwe is the better man hands down.

goldengoph3rMay. 9, 13 3:43 AM

Kluwe may be, but probably isn't, a casualty of his outspokenness (he's expensive and was middle-of-the-pack last year) but the silver lining is he's made a contribution to the sea change in attitudes towards equality for all Americans. Leaders of all stripes are declaring their support for same-sex marriage every day; such progress couldn't have been envisioned even three years ago. So kudos to Mr. Kluwe, even if he was a bit hard-edged in his advocacy--change is coming. And, he'll probably punt next season too.

paulusMay. 9, 13 4:39 AM

When you don't do your job very well, be replaced is always a possibility. Kluwe didn't do his job well for the last 2 years. Get over it.

sailing64May. 9, 13 6:02 AM

Professor - I think you are a little shallow to think that Kluwe's outspokeness is the reason he was canned. The Vikings are bottom line looking to win, and with someone like Kluwe who was middle of the road, he wasn't what they needed! It is people like you that are using his "firing" as a platform for your cause when it doesn't apply. People of all views get fired every day! As far as St. Thomas goes, I am a proud alumni and my oldest will attend there in the fall. St. Thomas is a fine institution in terms of academics, and a place that teaches morals and ethics, and while some may disagree with them, God's word is their foundation. While your law degree teaches you about laws that are forever changing, God's word is never changing. God's word tells us to love the sinner and hate the sin which I believe St. Thomas displays in their mission. I am glad my child can attend an institution where all views are heard, but unlike many other universities these days, his beliefs in traditional marriage between one man and one woman will be supported, although mocked by many.

walterwhiteMay. 9, 13 6:22 AM

Kluwe was making a lot of money for a punter. Last year they drafted a place kicker to replace Ryan Longwell for the same reason.

ronpatMay. 9, 13 6:46 AM

NFL players have a shelf life, Kluwe exceeded his. IT'S FOOTBALL, not academia!


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