Former Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner fired by school

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 8, 2013 - 10:48 PM

A faculty union attorney said dismissal will be challenged as well as Todd Hoffner’s reassignment.

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husker1983May. 8, 1312:04 PM

Sad story all around. This is an example of what can go wrong with zero tollerance type pollicies. This poor guys career is ruined. Thne lesson for all of us is to cosider the challenges in "Executing" new policies/laws/regulations etc. Failure to execute per the spirit and the human corruption factors are always underestimated.

numaticMay. 8, 1312:04 PM

Others should also be fired. Mankato State is a joke...

andersod62May. 8, 1312:11 PM

So in the Administrations overzealous and knee jerk reaction they were made to look like blundering fools and now they take their revenge on the coach..., Gee, how much is this one going to cost the taxpayers ? If it is even $1.00 to buy off the coach then EVERY Administrator in Mankato should be FIRED !

la55122May. 8, 1312:14 PM

Such an outrage! A good man and his family victimized by an overzealous prosecutor and an incompetent administration. I hope the voters remember the county attorney next election. I hope the family endures through this and he is able to recover professionally. Common sense and decency are in short supply at MSU.

atoonceMay. 8, 1312:40 PM

the charges were eventually dismissed by a judge. at that point, the university should have reinstated him as head coach. Even if he resigned and found a new coaching position elsewhere, it would have helped to restore his name. I would say he used bad judgement in making the videos, but it wasn't close to being illegal. I suppose the university position is that the coach caused embarassment to the program, but really, not to a firing offense, in my opinion. None of us is perfect. By not reinstating him, they have destroyed his career. I'm sure he will sue for big bucks.

Interested ObserverMay. 8, 1312:49 PM

Benson, citing privacy laws, declined to elaborate on the reasons Hoffner was no longer employed by the school, saying only that it was a private, personnel matter..........Sooooo, why do we have to keep giving money to this University? If you're going to keep us in the dark about these things, then as a personal, private mattter, I'd rather not contribute any more money to them! How can we cut them out?

stjohnsonMay. 8, 13 1:02 PM

I smell a big lawsuit against MSU.

strib1991May. 8, 13 1:06 PM

Reality vs perception, Mankato/Mankato State has two black eyes with this Epic fail.

klwalton33May. 8, 13 1:09 PM

If he was actually fired, I'd sure love to be his lawyer. This is one incredible lawsuit waiting to happen.

cncodyMay. 8, 13 1:12 PM

After Penn State, institutions have no choice but zero tolerance--they are terrified of lawsuits if they don't act. The matter could have been kept quiet (out of the paper) until it was resolved. The way it has been handled leaves questions all around. Unfortunate for all involved (mostly his kids who I'm sure have been teased unmercifully).


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