Michele Bachmann is in talks to settle Iowa lawsuit

  • Article by: Kevin Diaz , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 8, 2013 - 5:29 AM

Sources say she met with lawyers for woman who accused campaign of stealing e-mail list.

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kenw1952wMay. 7, 1310:36 PM

According to Shelly, she never did anything wrong so why would she want to enter into "negotiations" to settle a lawsuit? If you are innocent Shelly then fight it. I'm not holding my breath on that happening.

potter101May. 7, 1311:38 PM

This is the best you can get with Miss november, she will grease the squeaky wheel and hope it will go away.

mohawk1953May. 8, 13 5:46 AM

Hmmm, she did nothing wrong, but is willing to pay for it to go away. Sounds like implied guilt to me.

nessmessMay. 8, 13 5:57 AM

Kent I wouldn't read into this too far: quite often the Gov't settles with "dismissed" employee's, to save on legal fee's. Despite the gov't being just for dismissing the employee in the first place...

purlieuMay. 8, 13 6:35 AM

"Bachmann’s congressional office also declined to comment or provide an account of her whereabouts on Monday." My employer insists on knowing where I am during the work week. Perhaps this is why Michele likes working for the government - not as much accountability - for elected officials, that is.

verdin11May. 8, 13 7:34 AM

rickbmn, we are about to enter into the FIFTH investigation into Benghazi, which is beginning to seem a lot like the money-wasting Whitewater Investigations. Benghazi has been investigated more times than 911, and it really illustrates the utter desperation in the GOP. Eventually you'll have to scrounge up something new to deflect attention away from the ethical failings of people like Michele Bachmann, and obstructionist policies of your dying, out of touch political party.

circleoflifeMay. 8, 13 8:03 AM

verdin11 - The reason behind so many investigations into how our government lied, covered up and ignored Americans in need is because the White House and dems keep lying, covering up and pretending they're offended. For anyone to believe we shouldn't investigate 4 American deaths at the hands of terrorists and our governments role in mishandling it is frightening and shows to what lengths people will go to protect Obama. Frightening.

wingophersMay. 8, 13 8:04 AM

Rep. Michele Bachmann continues to be an embarrassment to the State of MN and to the Congress. It is time for her "two minutes" of fame to end. Hopefully the Republican party has the foresight to find a viable primary challenger and it not the Democrats have to defeat her.

swmnguyMay. 8, 13 8:10 AM

I'm sure ironclad Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements are a key part of the settlement discussions. It's a pretty simple deal; How much money will you accept to shut up and disappear?

I wonder how this will affect Rep. Bachmann's standing with the fundamentalist Protestant groups; the homeschoolers, the Quiverfulls, the Dominionists, etc. who form the core of her support. My guess is "not much." True Believers tend to be more influenced by emotion than facts and actions, and Rep. Bachmann has pandering to the emotions of the people inclined that way down to an art form.

rickbmnMay. 8, 13 8:26 AM

verdin11: are you serious?!?! your comment shows exactly how politicized this has become and the fact that you and the Left are not even interested in the facts. Just sweep it under the rug. NONE of the questions have been answered. Where was the president? Can you tell us that? Where was Hillary? Can you tell us that? They were BOTH absent and they KNEW the embassy was being attacked by terrorists. Why was the public lied to about a "spontaneous demonstration?" There are so many questions that Clinton didn't answer, and SHE was in charge! But I guess as long as it's the Dems who really blew this one, there is no point in learning the truth and actually holding people accountable, right? But Obama and Hillary can do no wrong in your eyes. Your mind is made up but the facts have not even been revealed. And this is NOT the 5th investigation. This is the FIRST time where survivors have been allowed to tell what really happened. But I suppose you don't want to hear what they have to say either since your mind is already made up.


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