Jim Souhan: Front office should give surprising Twins a chance

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 24, 2008 - 7:33 AM

The Twins' offseason moves haven't really panned out, but the team can rectify that by boosting the roster now to give it a chance at the playoffs this year.

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wesleyJun. 22, 0810:01 PM


dannyb251Jun. 22, 0810:09 PM

Yeah the trade for Young was bad, looking back on it. I wonder if they looked into Josh Hamilton or had any interest last summer?

indigoDan555Jun. 22, 0810:30 PM

It is still too early to say that the trade for Delmon Young was bad. Harris and Bartlett basically cancel each other out (Harris is actually batting better and has less errors/more double plays in about the same amount of starts). As for Young versus Garza.. Young has underachieved. Anyone can see that. Also, we've had young pitchers step up and pitch well, so the loss of Garza (not to mention Santana) has not hurt as much as one would have predicted.

jmgg700Jun. 22, 0810:35 PM

I feel we need to dump Lamb and keep Buscher at 3B, Harris looks better at SS then 2B and his bat is starting to come around, Casilla is great at 2nd base and its nice having Gomez and Casilla up front of Joe and Justin. Young is only 22 and i think with time he will become a great hitter. Maybe we should let Monroe go and call up Span so then you can let Young and Span take turns at OF and let Kubal be the everyday DH. I would not let Fransico come up til next year though i think if he comes up this year it will be bad luck. So Trade Lamb for a Pitcher that is a winner and dump Livan.

NoraG1Jun. 22, 0810:37 PM

To say the Twins would be in 1st based on the TB trade is interesting but who says that things go the same way if they are with the Twins?

klide2Jun. 22, 0810:39 PM

Look at the standings folks. The Twins are 1.5 games out. Looks to me like every move they have made has worked. I am going to go with the baseball experts. It might just be me, but I think they may just no a whole lot more about it that you arm chair gm's. Twins will win the division with the guys they have.

indigoDan555Jun. 22, 0810:40 PM

It is still much too early to decided whether this trade was a bust or not. Harris = Bartlett Harris actually is batting better and has less errors/more double plays in about the same amount of starts Young has underachieved. Anyone can see that. And Garza hasn't been spectacular. Also, with the spot opened up by Garza's exit, the Twins have had young pitchers step in and pitch well enough to make his loss (and not to mention the loss of Johan) not as hurtful as predicted. Personally, I believe that by the time the new stadium opens, Young will be a proven 100 RBI guy. We will have lineup of: Gomez Casilla Mauer Morneau Young/Cuddyer/Kubel Young/Cuddyer/Kubel Young/Cuddyer/Kubel 3B (Luke Hughes?/Buscher?) SS?

ghadlichJun. 22, 0810:50 PM

Should be called back up when the twins drop Lamb. That would have been awesome if the twins had traded Garza for Josh Hamilton. Can you imagine him hitting in the dome in 81 games!

indigoDan555Jun. 22, 0810:51 PM

One thing I wonder about is where the Twins would be at now if they had held onto Santana until at least the deadline. There were questions of how much his value would decrease, but word is that C.C. Sabathia's value is very high right now. The Yankees would give their farm for Santana now with the Wang injury. Anyways... Say they kept him and played Span (because they wouldn't have Gomez) in center. Span doesn't do some of the things Gomez does, but Gomez doesn't do some of the things Span does, so I think they would have canceled each other out this year (I believe Gomez has superstar potential and will be much better than Span in the future). They may be far and away leading the division with Santana right now.

expression451Jun. 22, 0810:55 PM

This is a great article. I know it's obscene for me to bring this up during a 6 game winning streak, but they still need another bat, another pitcher, and a new hitting instructor. I would like to see them take a gander at a couple of the BIG NAMES that didn't get signed this spring. It would be cheaper than trading prospects for proven players as this is a part time fix.


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